Special Oblivion Offer on Xbox Live

Starting this Friday, Dec. 22, Xbox 360 gamers will be able to download Mehrunes Razor for free from Xbox Live. This offer is only for a limited time…from Dec. 22 to Dec. 31. On Monday, Jan. 1 it will go back to its standard price.

So be sure to log on to Xbox Live beginning this Friday and download your free copy of Mehrunes Razor!

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FFVIIFan5457d ago

Expansion for free, now that's a bargain. I was wondering if anyone knew more details about the PS3 version coming out. Will it be just like the original Oblivion 4, or will it come with the expansions already included?

Dick Jones5457d ago

Who would of guessed after the horse armor rapage, that Oblivion content could be free?

SuicidalTendencies5457d ago

I was just about to download Mehrunes Razor with Knights of the nine and the others. Guess I'll wait till tomorrow. :)

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