Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

When ranking the Pokemon games, GameSided looked at several factors: story and gameplay (as they were relevant), whether the game accomplished its goals (a two-hour minigame or an expansive RPG), reception at the time, replayability, and (in the case of sequels) if the game improved on its predecessors. For a single franchise, Pokemon’s tried on a lot of different hats–it’s delved into racing, strategy, puzzle, action, and plenty of different takes on the RPG format. Some hats fit perfectly. Others, while conceptually interesting, fans maybe could have done without. But all share in Pokemon’s legacy and have served in their own way to further the series’ greatness.

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ninsigma1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I will agree with x and y as number 1. X is what I played and it was awesome! Definitely my favourite. I didn't play omega ruby because I didn't like the original versions. I need a new pokemon game big time!

muttsurini1415d ago

eh. X and y was a letdown gen 2 for me.