Are videogames the new Happy Meal Toy?

When someone can grab a cheap meal and a cheap game all in the same motion, it seems as though plastic figurine happy meal toys have become obsolete. At four bucks a pop, BK games are on the verge of instigating a marketing revolution.

Even though there is a big price difference, two million copies of a game you can get with a burger and fries is still very significant.

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OC_MurphysLaw5255d ago

MS was incredibly smart to team with BK on this. Its a great stocking stuffer/pick up game and just helps get the 360 image out there more. Plus this kind of marketing game could really start a trend of some nice/fun cheap arcade like games. I mean honestly I had ZERO issues with throwin down $4 for any of these games just to try them. If they were good great! And if not....hell it was just $4. What I am hoping is we can see a higher quality game produced for the future and offered up in a similar way. You just wonder how much it cost to produce the games and get them out? Maybe 2 million total? Not really sure..but if that is the case...thats a $6 million dollar profit. CHA CHING!

calderra5255d ago

As a kid, I was always a little peeved if my kids' meal included just a plastic figurine.

At least do some spyglasses, or a posable action figure, or a car that actually rolls... give me a reason to be intererested in the cross-promotion.

The point is that I think people have ALWAYS wanted a little more interaction, and this is a great way to accomplish it. Other ways would include more complex toys- like transformers, or LEGOs, or for the girls perhaps Polly-Pocket-esque mini playsets, I guess? Posable Barbies with real-ish hair instead of formed plastic, at the least, is a must. Maybe cars with rubber or faux-ruber wheels could be a good idea? Hard plastic tires always disappointed me.

A hunk of plastic shaped like Grimace is basically only good for collecting. Now, a hunk of plastic shaped like Grimace that comes with interchangable costumes (remember those halloween toys)? That's awesome.