Nvidia Adds PhysX to GeForce Cards With Free Update

WorthPlaying writes : "Nvidia has released new graphics drivers that will allow owners of most GeForce 8, GeForce 9, and GeForce GTX 200-series cards to automatically use PhysX acceleration. Along with the drivers will come a PhysX software pack containing free UT 3 maps, the full version of NetDevil's Warmonger, a couple of Nvidia demos, and sneak peeks at Object Software's Metal Knight Zero and Nurien Software's Nurien social-networking service."

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Lumbo3772d ago

A free update? boy oh boy, thats really good considering the huge amount of money i paid for the last 40 or so Nvidia driver updates

oh wait ...

Leathersoup3772d ago

Well considering they're giving you the option to throw an older Series 8 card into your PC to use as a hardware physics card it's pretty impressive.

Time to dig up my old 8600 GT

TheIneffableBob3772d ago

Biggest driver yet.

126 MB for the 64-bit Vista driver.

bourner3772d ago

i cant find the driver for the 9800 gtx . it says i have the latest

Torch3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Anyone be kind enough to provide the direct link for the drivers?

The one in the article brings me to a 'page not found' on NVidia's website, and (similar to bourner's situation above me), the site claims that the latest driver available for my 8800GTS is dated late June (version 175.xx). o_O

Torch3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Thanks a million, Sloshy!

The least I can do is bubble you up for your kind efforts.

Cheers. :)

Holy crap!...2.7 gigs to download everything!

thereapersson3772d ago

Does it matter if I download it to my PC if i'm in America? The software / drivers should all work the same, right? NVidia doesn't have the force within website working on their US site.

thereapersson3772d ago

The link on their own website ( doesn't work. What gives?

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