Eurogamer Hands-On Preview: Spore Creatures

Eurogamer reports:

''The obvious reaction to Spore Creatures is that it can't hope to rival its big brother - daddy, perhaps - for depth and scope, and that EA's decision to launch it alongside the PC version on 5th September suggests it's a spin-off for a different market. So it's a bit of a surprise to discover Spore on the DS is secretly an action-adventure. We like those.

In a manner that will be familiar to oodles of gamers old and new, you start off with a tiny, rubbish little hero with no idea which way to turn, give it a name (unless you like the default "Oogie"), and then stroll off on a mission dictated to you by on-screen prompts. This tutorial phase quickly establishes the basics: you're hunting down an evil spaceship that's kidnapped your friend.''

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