Takeuchi spills some bloody Resident Evil 5 info

. Jun Takeuchi just spilled some zombie juice on the much-awaited sequel, and it's anything but decaying corpses.

He's pitching that this next RE installment that's coming out for both the 360 and PS3 could only possibly be available by 2008. "Ouch," you might be saying. That really is a long wait, indeed. However, the wait could just be worth it. Takeuchi states that Capcom wants the picture rate to run on 60fps. Lovely.

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zonetrooper55253d ago

60 FPS sounds good to me, i can wait and see if this game will be amazing.

Rooted_Dust5253d ago (Edited 5253d ago )

"Environment will be more interactive"

Does that mean I will finaly be able to escape the city by jumping over the wooden saw horses and cars that blocked me in RE:2 :)
For real though, if they can improve on RE4 more power to them, because that game was nothing but perfect.

specialguest5253d ago (Edited 5253d ago )

i like the weather and climate effectiveness on the player. this reminds me of an advance AI engine some nongaming company developed for running some sort of military/police scenario. the AI character had all the attributes a real person would have.

it's kinda odd and ironic how the last RE was a timed exclusive for the gamecube, yet it isn't even going to be developed for the Wii.

benihya5253d ago (Edited 5253d ago )

just give us an expansion for now, RE4 still the best game ever and an expansion can keep us busy till 2008

ApocalypseShadow5253d ago

will get a resident evil type game.i'm sure of it.may not be re5,but the controller,and shooting zombies in first person could be good..using the wiimote for a flashlight,a pipe and you have to swing it at them,hitting different parts of the body,so many possibilities.the wait is going to suck though.

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The story is too old to be commented.