Lack of Content vs. Value for Money with Star Wars Battlefront

Grab It argues that the real problem with Battlefront is not a lack of content. Instead it has to do with the idea of "value for money."

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SlappingOysters1235d ago

I'm really enjoying my time with SWB so far; I played TDM for ages, then found the dogfighting and started enjoying that. Nothing but fun for me.

CoyoteHunter1235d ago

Maybe I was expecting something as meaty as DICE usually produces with Battlefield. I feel a little let down with the lack of content and cant help but feel content has been cut to feed it back to us via DLC.

SlappingOysters1235d ago

Not disagreeing with you, but if it was a matter of the game coming out now or in four months, would you take the hit to play it now.

I am not sure myself, but question just popped to mind.

CoyoteHunter1235d ago

I'm usually a day one adoptor of games. I had to fight really hard against my natural urges to pick it up because I don't want to support the practices of large companies pricing games like this. I'm really hungry to play it, but this time I'm going to sit on the sidelines a bit longer.

Nitrowolf21235d ago

I'd much rather take the hit and wait if it meant more content

Im having fun with the game but i cant play this in long sessions like a lot of other mp games. The way i see it, if this was the same game except with a different skin nit relsted to star wsrs or a big franchise (or msybe just renamed battlefield with a modern setting) then im sure many would dislike it a lot more. I just feel like it doesnt have enough for me to continue likein many other mp games

shipnabottle1235d ago

Wonder if it will follow the Destiny model and add content and adjustments over time based on player feedback to eventually end up with what people had originally hoped for.

Perjoss1235d ago

Apparently there's a sequel planned so I'm guessing in about 2 years that's it for this game, I can't see them supporting it after they release a new one.

spicelicka1235d ago

Well that would be horrid if they also use Destiny's pricing models by forcing players to re-buy the game.

DFresh1235d ago

There's definitely not enough variety or content and the game play has its share of issues.
For what it is I play for fun and don't take it seriously as a competitive game.
Once I level cap at Level 50 I'll put the game down and move on.
Not wasting the money on that Season Pass either which is a complete rip off.

ScaReCrow901235d ago

Problem is not content vs money
It's quality and content vs money.
Quality comes first.

The worry here is how they're taking stuff out of games and seemingly increasing the prices.

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