Threezero Announce Crysis Prophet Action Figure; Pre-Sale Starts Thursday

From Threezero have announced that they will release a 1/6th scale collectible figure of the character Prophet from the Crysis games this December, with the pre-sale starting Thursday, December 3rd at 8:00PM EST/5:00PM PST.

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Dlacy13g1083d ago

OK...this just seems like an odd figure to announce out of the blue UNLESS we are getting some announcement from EA on a new Crisis game at the Video Game Awards which would seem really plausible based on the timing of this. I mean there is ZERO buzz around Crysis currently so why would anyone develop a figure off the IP? I don't know.. did I miss a new Crysis game announcement? I don't think I did but I suppose I may have.

beerhound1083d ago

I haven't heard anything about a new Crysis either, but it could just be that high end collectibles like this one take a long time to make.

SolidGear31082d ago

There was a supposed leak about a remaster trilogy for current Gen earlier this year but that's about it.

Shinuz1082d ago

What about Nomad?!! Who cares about prophet...