Worthplaying Review: Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2

WP reports:

''Chances are if gamers had an encyclopedia or dictionary, the entry for "learning curve" would have a big, bright color picture of Geometry Wars plastered next to it. The game does its best to define the quick and merciless rise in difficulty characteristic of good top-down shooters. Despite its title, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 is more than just a tough Space Invaders. It's a multifaceted and truly unique take on the genre that makes for hours of competitive fun for anyone with a taste for a challenge. Geometry Wars 2 can be completed by almost anyone, but although the controls are as simple as the shapes that assault you, the gameplay is deep and always changing.

Geometry Wars 2 offers six gameplay modes: Deadline, Evolved, King, Pacifism, Waves and Sequence. The basic formula of fly-and-gun around a rectangle is reproduced in tth Deadline mode, which serves as an intensive "score attack," allotting the player infinite lives, three bombs, and only three minutes to score as many points as humanly possible.

The Evolved mode has you controlling your ship with the left thumbstick, and you have to hold back the ever-increasing swarms of ships by shooting them down with the right thumbstick, and each shape you take down nets you a set amount of points. The Evolved mode allows you three lives and three bombs at the start of each game, and you gain another life and bomb at 100,000 points; 1,000,000 points; 10,000,000 points; and so on. Bombs don't score you any points for the enemies destroyed, but they destroy absolutely everything close by.''

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