Games Trump Console Sales this Black Friday


"Given existing gaming consoles have been available on the shelf for over two years, it should be of no surprise that consoles took a back seat to game sales this Black Friday season. Once again, when consoles did sell retailers offered game+console bundle deals to lure consumers. The top console bundle pick this year was the Xbox One 500gb with Gears of War, which Target discounted to $299 (down from $350) and threw in a $60 gift card."

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Dlacy13g1242d ago

Wait...didn't Infoscout just recently claim the PS4 Uncharted Bundle was the Black Friday retail winner of all consoles? Could have sworn I read that and now they say no it was Xbox One Gears of War?

Kayant1242d ago

At Best buy. And it was about revenue.

"PS4 Uncharted bundle highest earning product at Best Buy"(From neogaf) -

Dlacy13g1242d ago

Ah got it... it was specific to the retailer. It makes sense but seems like they maybe could have just released one full report on all the sales instead of drip feeding the info like this...but then again, this is the way most sites handle news for online these days. Gotta get your viewers coming back day after day.

Septic1242d ago

Not a mad follower of this sales malarkey but the Xbox Gears bundle? I didn't expect that to be the one to come up top. Must have been a great value bundle.

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Rookie_Monster1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

The Uncharted bundle was only the best seller at Best Buy overall, this is a complete look at the entire Black Friday sales from all the stores combined and the Gears XB1 came out on top. Well done MS!

As a matter of fact, at Best Buy, there are 8 XB1 bundles in the top 10 console chart compared to 1 PS4 and 1 Wii U bundle. So if you combined total console sold, MS might even had sold more overall consoles at Best Buy.

But anyhow, glad all consoles sold well this holiday as it is only good for the industry. Even Wii U managed to be the best selling console and top 3 items sold at target on Black Friday.

butchertroll1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Nope! Just scroll down a little. You should find charts for consoles. PS4 won the BF according to infoscout. GeOW bundle was best at Target and Walmart!

"Update – 2015-11-30

Due to popular demand, we’ve augmented the post to include a breakdown by major gaming console.

At Target and Walmart, the Xbox One + Gears of War bundle barely outsold its rival PS4 + Uncharted Bundle. Yet, strong PS4 sales at and other retailers were enough to edge out the Xbox One for top sales this Black Friday season."

r2oB1241d ago

Looks like some people spoke too soon trying to claim/insinuate the Xbox One "won" Black Friday, only to be proven incorrect (as per the article update), yet again. I think these articles do it on purpose; give a little hope, let them grasp to it and run with it, then watch as the rug gets pulled from under them.

Perhaps it's best to let the dust settle before jumping to conclusions over and over.

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Kayant1241d ago


Yes I do. Sony give my PSVR, PS4, 1yr PS+ and a Sony 4K TV for this.

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Christopher1242d ago

Technically the title is wrong. They're separating bundles and just consoles. That's not how you do it. Adding those together, consoles outsold games.

marloc_x1242d ago

Glad to see 1rst party titles in the charts😉

pupa1241d ago

I am more concerned about other issues from the article like:

"" The top console bundle pick this year was the Xbox One 500gb with Gears of War, which Target discounted to $299 (down from $350) and threw in a $60 gift card.""

That means the XB0ne was sold for an effective $239 and it still only managed to just sell a few more than the PS4 at that retailer? Sad indeed.

dolphin221242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

Infoscout have updated the info 2015 - 11 - 30

Due to popular demand, we've augmented the post to include a breakdown by major console.

At Target and Walmart, the Xbox One + Gears Of War bundle barely outsold its rival PS4 + Uncharted Bundle. Yet strong PS4 sales at and other retailers were enough to edge out the Xbox One for top sales this Black Friday season.

Console Rank $ Share

PlayStation 4 42%

Xbox One 41%

Wii U 17%

In my opinion, taking the above information into account and then adding all the pre orders and sales for the Call Of Duty and Star Wars Battlefront bundles, as well as those customers who have jumped on the price cut, i predict that Sony may have outsold the competition for November's NPD.

Christopher1242d ago

I don't care that they outsold, but if those numbers are true what I like is that there is extremely heavy competition between MS and Sony and I want that to continue throughout this generation and others to come. It's how we will keep them honest and more focused on trying to win us over rather than trying to expand their profit margins.

gamertk4211242d ago

Don't forget that there were still quite a few Cyber Monday sales for XB1 bundles, but I didn't see many of the PS4 ones.

IIFloodyII1242d ago

Poor Wii U. Seems all 3 at least did good though, PS4 and XB1 great. Wonder if people are still buy last gen systems.

Ra30301242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

I'm sorry to disagree but there is no competition between Sony and any other console maker this gen sure maybe in the United States Microsoft can keep it close but Sony is doing so well globally that I can't for the life of me understand why this type article keeps getting posted its not important on any level. Sure Microsoft may get 2 maybe 3 NPD a year but Sony's trump card is alway a Joker that says "well, you won NPD this month by 10k but we outsold you globally by 200k plus" and that's the advantage they have on a slow sales month. The PS4 will outsell the X1 by a couple million globally during the holidays. Whoever keeps putting this kinda stuff out should stop its not a sales war this has been over for a long time it's time give Sony there due and let's talk about other things in gaming. This topic only divides the community and nothing positive will ever come out of it.... IMO

TheCommentator1241d ago

PS4 was at 42% by dollar share while XB1 was at 41%? Doesn't that mean that since the XB1 was discounted more, that they actually sold more consoles than Sony? Seems like a weird way to spin the console wars to make it seem like Sony sold better, when in fact they were just more profitable.

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butchertroll1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

GeOW bundle was best at Target and Walmart, not overall. Just look at my post above or check the link. They updated the news.

DLConspiracy1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Calm down.

Flames761241d ago

Just at best buy everywhere else the XOne outsold the PS4.The article was trying to make it that the PS4 was the big seller when in reality it was the XOne.

djplonker1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )


Or you could read the article and realise the xbox only won in two stores and the ps4 was the winner by 1%...

Total sales: ps4 42% xbox 41% wii u 17%

Plus this is only npd.

Dlacy13g1241d ago

@djplonker this actually is not NPD which has actual stores reporting their sales to them. This was a poll of Black Friday buyers who were taking pictures of their receipts. Sample size is very large but there is nothing else known about who or how they went about getting their sample. Likely this data will be close but it easily could be off by 10% in either direction.

Kribwalker1241d ago

With a 1% difference between both consoles market share on Black Friday, based off of people taking pictures of their receipts (300,000) I'd say it's too close to call it either way. Seriously, how many parents are going to take a picture of a receipt and upload it to this site? Wait for npd before we can really say who won

Dlacy13g1241d ago

Exactly! Polling may provide you results that are close but they are and can't be 100% accurate as they simply are taking a sample and extrapolating the results. NPD will show the true retail tale but still won't tell us anything about digital/online from those that don't report that.

XanderZane1241d ago

Well we'll wait until the NPD are announced to see who won for the month of Nov. Don't really know who won Black Friday, because they are only getting figures from a few retail stores and from random consumers. The figures are only 1% difference. NPD will include a lot more retail stores. Seems like it will be pretty close though, so we'll see.

ITPython1241d ago

My goodness, so Target sold the XB1 for $50 less than MSRP, threw in a $60 game, AND gave people a $60 gift card? That's essentially getting an XB1 for $179 (getting closer to what it's actually worth).

Wow, it is insane how desperate M$ and retailers are to sell XB1's, it's one step away from them putting the consoles on the curb with a sign that says "FREE". Pretty sad they have to all but give the console away for it to have any kind of decent selling power.

IamTylerDurden11241d ago

It appears the xbone gears bundle barely edged the Uncharted PS4 bundle at only Walmart and Target, but overall the article states that PS4 was the winner due to strong Amazon and Best Buy sales.

Not that we should even care but PS4 WAS the overall winner...for what it's worth. I guess Tomb Raider was a waste of 100 million by ms, it hasn't had the desired effect on sales.

Extra Point: I think the true winner was gamers across the country that now have access to games like Witcher, Bloodborne, and Until Dawn.

AizenSosuke1241d ago

Pretty much PS4 Uncharted was the highest selling bundle/console on black friday.

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Nyxus1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

If you combine 'consoles' and 'console + game bundles' you get over 47%, making it the number one seller. And I'd say 'consoles + game bundles' count as console sales as well.

YinYangGaming1242d ago

So the Xbox One Gears bundle was #1 then? Should get official numbers/statements soon so I'll wait for them

Eonjay1242d ago

Its just estimates. But Aaron from Microsoft already made a comment on Twitter stating that both consoles (PS4+Xbox One) both sold well. We can only assume that this means that... in fact, they both sold well.

YinYangGaming1242d ago

Yeah they've both sold tremendously well I bet but infoscout is based on a sample & not official, pointed that out in the PS4 infoscout article and received many disagrees for whatever reason

Septic1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

Oh so the Xbox One bundle sold the most this Black Friday? Surprising

Rookie_Monster1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

Yup, really surprising as most thought with the first price drop of PS4, combined with marketing deals with COD and Battlefront bundles, it would dominate the competition but MS and Xbox managed to exceed expectation in light of the situation and kept up. Wii U also was surprising too with being the best selling console on Black Friday at Target. Very impressive to say the least.

Kingthrash3601241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

You 2 need to finish article.
Just saying
But I'm glad to see consoles rolling strong and all the people saying that consoles were dying eating crow

showtimefolks1241d ago

septic and rookie

read the complete article. since you don't want to here it is

Due to popular demand, we’ve augmented the post to include a breakdown by major gaming console.

At Target and Walmart, the Xbox One + Gears of War bundle barely outsold its rival PS4 + Uncharted Bundle. Yet, strong PS4 sales at and other retailers were enough to edge out the Xbox One for top sales this Black Friday season

Wallstreet371241d ago

lol ignorance and delusion is bliss. Not to mention as usual xbox had bundles not only at 299 but basically giving them away to try to win with a 60 dollar gift card. They offer you the kitchen sink just to try to win in one region yet fail lol

I know it hurts just be happy you enjoy your games bro, your stealth trolling is transparent. Not impressive at all given the xbox deals as usual lol

lastking951242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

Not a surprise to me, yes they had deals with cod and battlefront but we all know CoD and ea games have higher numbers on xbox rather it's sells number or at least attach rates. Marketing deals don't help much and a waste of money imo.(ofc it depends on the deal tho) but like I said before this is simply a small sample size although bigger than the last.

killer_goat1242d ago

If you actually bothered to check the update it shows that ps4 was the top selling console.

lastking951242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

False it made the most money by 1% market share revenue.

magiciandude1241d ago

Not surprising at all. Xbox One has Halo 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider, All Gears of War games, Call of Duty BOIII, and Fallout 4 on one console. Best combination of games for this holiday.

Bahamut1241d ago

Best is subjective.

PS4 has Uncharted, The Last of Us, BloodBorne, Call of Duty BOIII, The Witcher 3, Fallout 4, etc etc etc all on one console... Best combination of games for this holiday.

It all comes down to opinion, personally, I don't like Halo or Gears of War.

magiciandude1241d ago

You're right. PS4 also has Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack, The Order 1886, Driveclub, and Godzilla to add into the mix. So much variety it's unbelievable!

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Paytaa1242d ago

Jesus, makes it hurt knowing I paid $950 between my Xbox One and PS4 (+ TLOU:R) when I could've waited until either last years holiday season or this years and saved a ton of money.

If you're still on 360 and PS3, go treat yourself to an X1 or don't get any better than this.

dmeador1242d ago

I mean, thats how things always work out. I go the X1 at launch knowing it would be much cheaper in a year or two. There are some killer deals on things going on, will be picking up a PS4 after it has a great backlog of games I can grab for cheap

jmetalhead778121242d ago

Couldn't agree more!! I'm an X1 owner and I'm loving every minute of it! There's some awesome deals for all three consoles, so no matter your preference take advantage of it...

OT: Funny, I keep hearing people downplay BC on X1, but I'm spending hours upon hours playing 360 games I never got a chance to try out. As much as I'm enjoying my gaming now, I think 2016 is going to be HUGE for X1 owners!!