Retro Review: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon gets it right the first time

A look back at the original Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon for the Xbox

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Bathyj1240d ago

Ghost Recon and Rainbow 6 used to be great games. Single player campaigns, squads you could command, tactics, strategy, planning, execution.

Now theyre just virtual shooting galleries, like all other multipayer online shooters. No thanks.

Kind of makes me glad no ones bring back Brothers in Arms if this is the treatment it would get for todays online obsessed gaming climate.

Paytaa1240d ago

Ghost Recon 1 and Rainbow Six Black Arrow were two staples of my time with the original Xbox. It's sad to see these once great franchises be buried because of current BS trends in gaming. The new Ghost Recon is only GR in name and R6 Siege just doesn't capture the essence of classic Rainbow Six games.

Ubisoft has sunken to an all time low where I can't even pick a game of theirs I currently enjoy anymore. Curious on how they'll manage to destroy Splinter Cell too. Sigh.

BattleAxe1239d ago

Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm on PS2 is one of may favorite all around games of all time. It had 2 separate single player campaigns, including Island Thunder, four player co-op on multiple different maps and probably the most tactical multiplayer that I have ever played to this day, right up there with Socom on PS2.