Zelda: Twilight Princess HD up for pre-order on Amazon UK

Amazon UK has now opened up pre-orders for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD.

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pcz1236d ago

thanks, got my order in :)

marloc_x1236d ago

I really am eager to know how this amiibo will tie in Zelda U.

I might have XCX tied up by then hopefully 😊

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kowalsky1236d ago

Team up with a mystifying creature, Midna, and transform into a divine wolf. In The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, you'll join Link and Midna on a thrilling adventure across Hyrule where you'll meet an engaging cast of characters, explore confusing dungeons and survive puzzling traps. Website about car:

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Spikeantestor1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

I wonder if Nintendo feels torn about the whole rerelease thing. What I mean is, on the one hand, it's the easiest way to support the Wii U without ACTUALLY supporting it. On the other hand, it might encourage rerelease fatigue in fans. I mean, it would be awesome if Nintendo rereleased the Metroid Prime games in HD for the Wii U but that might kill enthusiasm for the same games released, say, 2 years from now on the NX.

Anyone else have an opinion?

Oh and I'll definitely be getting this. I avoided a lot of (good) Wii stuff cuz staring at SD content on my HD set drove me nuts.

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Masterchief_thegoat1236d ago

def going cop this.. didn't get the chance to play it, cause i hate the wii remote at that time

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EliteGameKnight1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

I was lucky enough to check Amazon one day to see that the stock was available again. Fastest preorder I ever did, and good thing too cause it sold out a couple minutes after. This is gonna be sweet when it comes out

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