5 Big Announcements We Could See At PlayStation Experience

With PSX right around the corner, here are 5 announcements that could make their way into the event!

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breakpad3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

yes grounded predictions ...but we like to see the more unforeseen rumored announcements aka Demons Souls 2 ,Cash bandicoot's revival from Sony, FFVII Remake Footage....etcetc

Player3Podcast3159d ago

I was going to put "Radio silence from FFVII" but I wanted to keep it positive.

MrSec843158d ago

The potential at PSX is huge.
From Worldwide Studios this is what could be shown in the way of entirely new PS4 announcements(obviously not all of it would, but possibilities):

1)Bend's New IP is announced.
2)Santa Monica show God of War for PS4.
3)Santa Monica show a new IP for PS4.
4)Sucker Punch announces a new Infamous.
5)Sucker Punch announces a new IP.
6)Sony London reveals that 8 Days is on PS4.
7)Sony London reveals that The Getaway is now on PS4.
8)Sony London announces a new IP for PS4.
9)Sony Japan reveals their rumored new FF style global IP.
10)Pixel Opus announces a new game for PS4.
11)North West Studio announces a new VR game.
_____________________________ __________________

Then there's 2nd or 3rd party:

12)From Software announces another game in development for PS4, maybe a new Demon's Souls or a new IP.
13)Ready at Dawn announces a sequel to The Order 1886.
14)Capcom has a new PS4 exclusive.
15)Insomniac announces a new IP exclusive for PS4.
16)Level 5 announces their new PS4 exclusive.

There are likely plenty more I can't even think of, but I think this is all possible.

On top of a few of those likely happening, there's also the possibility for new footage for The Last Guardian, with a release date.
New stuff for Horizon Zero Dawn.
Dreams, GT Sport, Gravity Rush 2, Ratchet & Clank, Detroit.
A new Uncharted 4 trailer, maybe The Order 1886 DLC to reinvigorate the franchise and change perceptions about it.

This is going to be Sony's time to make people realize why they should be getting on on PS4 now to be ready for what's coming next year.

The most Playstation focused event of the year.

Tonnes can happen at this event and best of all, there would still be a tonne more stuff for Sony to keep in their back pocket for events throughout 2016 too.
Max they show 3-4 new things from the above and then they still have another 3 new games to announce at each event, along with other new partnerships or content from already established contracts with 3rd parties.

ND has been growing and will likely be ready to show off their 2nd PS4 game at a late 2016 event, like PS4 2016.

Tobsesan3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

We wont see anything about ff7. They announced it at e3 and the People named in the trailer didnt even knew they are working on it... So its early early development.


Most of this teams are working on protects and wont make 191929 games at once. You should also not forget this is psx and not e3. Most people dont even know what this is and the Main media wont Cover it. So for really big announcements its the wrong place. Also ready at dawn is now 3. Party and sony owns the ip.

We will see more vr and a release date + price, that is for sure.

MrSec843158d ago

@Tobesan: Re-read what I wrote!
In my post I was talking about potential announcements, obviously I haven't got a clue exactly what Sony's 1st party studios are up to, outside of announced stuff or developers like Cory Barlog coming out and stating outright that God of War is in development for PS4.
Also PSX is about Playstation gamers, it's a PS focused event, for people that know identify with who Sony's developers are, identify with Sony's partners and where Sony can take to the stage and talk directly to the Playstation fans.

Sony announced Street Fighter 5, with Capcom there, which was huge (despite getting leaked beforehand).
FYI PSX last year was covered by every major for gaming news, Sony gets the attention whenever they host a Playstation centered event because they're the market leader.

PSX is the perfect place to show off big new games. Hell simply announcing big games for the PS4 is enough to draw huge attention and keep the momentum up going into 2016.
Playstation Experience is the place to sell people on the future, more so than any other event.

As for Ready at Dawn, they were always 3rd party, The Order 1886 sold well, Sony owned the IP even before 1886 shipped, so I don't know what you're trying to say here, but nothing's really changed regarding that IP.

It was intended to start off a new series and there's plenty of room for growth, so RAD could easily come out with DLC to draw attention back to that franchise and actually show that they can improve on their own games.

AizenSosuke3158d ago

A Crash Spiritual successor exclusively for PS4.

OC_MurphysLaw3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

I think the single biggest announcement that will come from PSX ... price for PS VR

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jb2273158d ago

Nah, pricing & release date would be cool but they didn't put together a dedicated event & stream to announce a price for a product. There will be multiple new game reveals along w/ footage of many of the games already announced for next year, that much is a given. To me, game announcements will always trump peripheral stuff. PSVR will be there & they will most likely announce some cool stuff for it, but the majority of the focus will be on the console games & exclusives.

Tobsesan3158d ago

Look at psx last year, dont hope for many announcements

jb2273157d ago


SFV, Drawn to Death, Fat Princess Adventures, amazing new gameplay sequences for things like UC4...there were plenty more but that's just off the top of my head...there will definitely be plenty of announcements, some AAA, some indie, all Playstation centric. Again they wouldn't host a conference & spend the no doubt large amount of money needed to put it on & stream it online to just show off stuff we have all already seen. Pretty certain there will be at least one huge announcement and a good handful of other smaller ones. Guess we will have to wait to see who turns out right.

GigawattConduit3158d ago

I'd kill someone for another Jak & Daxter.

Kyosuke_Sanada3158d ago

A new Warhawk would be nice.........

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Nice advert piece, but they still haven't fixed the exploration part of the game, and the loading screens are still there.

tracedinblood6h ago

Are you confusing this with Starfield?

Elit3Nick5h ago

I'm pretty sure he is, which is hilarious and on point for an anast comment

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Yes, I was making two posts at once about Starfield and No man's sky and I typed this in the wrong box and hit reply without thinking. Low hanging fruit but enjoy it while you can.

"I'm pretty sure he is, which is hilarious and on point for an anast comment."

Prove it.