David Cage Believes the Indie Gaming Scene is ‘Fascinating’

The ever-expanding influence and new ideas that have been brought about by the indie gaming scene is “fascinating,” according to Quantic Dream founder David Cage.

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JKSimmons1241d ago

Indie is amazing. Glad to hear it coming from cage!

iDadio1241d ago

It has possibly been the shining light of the industry lately, we have had some cracking AAA games but we also had a lot of half arsed crap from lazy ports to poor optimization to shameless pay to win micro-transactions and season passes.

freshslicepizza1241d ago

the aaa market is way too marketed and not enough new ideas. it's also burdened with broken games that need day one patches, dlc and season passes.

i do however hope the fad for 8bit graphics goes away on the indie scene.

chrcharcor21241d ago

David Cage just seems like a decent guy overall, and he creates some pretty impressive titles. Glad to see that he supports the "little guys".

1241d ago
Big_Game_Hunters1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

David cage finds any kind of actual game fascinating because he has never made one.
He finds good writing and narrative fascinating for the same reason.

Apocalypse Shadow1241d ago

You must not have played Omikron Nomad Soul on PC or Dreamcast.

On topic: love the indie scene and their risk taking without the control of big publishers like EA.

xHeavYx1241d ago

Kind of a silly statement to make. Just because his games are not conventional doesn't mean that they are not good.

Spotie1241d ago

Which of his games have you played?

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