Enemy Territory: Quake Wars coming to next-gen consoles?

New rumours say that the "PC-exclusive" game Enemy Territory: Quake Wars will also be coming to the next-gen consoles, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The rumours comes from some North-American retailers, it is said that new information about the development of a console release has been sent to them recently.

True or not, as a Quake lover from the first hour I certainly hope so!

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Rooted_Dust5253d ago

Its just a heavily modified DoomIII engine so it's very possible that they could.

THWIP5253d ago

In the "Top 10 PC games for 2007" thread. This is no "rumor"'s a FACT.

TheMART5253d ago

Knew that already when I saw this a long time ago...

John Carmack talking about Quake Wars and the 360 being the best hardware mix for next gen gaming.

For sure it comes to the 360. The PS3... could be. Less sure though

THWIP5253d ago

People just don't seem to follow gaming closely, or even do research, enough to post relevant "news".
With 'Assassin's Creed', I'd been telling people for almost a YEAR, that there was no way it would remain a PS3 exclusive, and then so many people acted amazed when it was announced for the 360.

THAMMER15253d ago

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SSSSSSSSSSSss weet!!!!!!!!

Rooted_Dust5253d ago

Its possible, but the developer, SplashDamage, isn't going to commit to one yet. It might be a little while unless they have another studio working on the port.

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The story is too old to be commented.