New Lara Croft Video Interview with Alison Carroll

Alison Carroll the new real life counterpart to the video game does an interview with UK press. She's a gymnast, and performs some of Lara signature moves.

She also gives us a little info in Tomb Raider underworld

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Blackmoses3772d ago

I love that damn accent!!!


boodybandit3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

You are definitely easy on the eyes "but" if they replaced AJ with you I wouldn't watch another Tomb Raider movie. Most games to movies translation are horrible but Angelina Jolie made them worth watching. Without her it would be just another bad game to movie.

gaffyh3772d ago

Yeah I was thinking if she was in the Tomb Raider movies, she may be able to do all the gymnastic moves, but she wouldn't know how to act = Movie would be really really bad

Bladestar3772d ago

are you kidding? AJ is the reason why all these TR movies sucked... yeah sure you are a fan and you want to hump AJ.. but I don't see Lara in AJ one bit... hopefully they bring someone that can portrait Lara and not some Hollywood actress that introduce acting that Lara never had in first place...

poos33772d ago

she looks liek a gremlin sorry i dont really find white girls atractive i likwe black ,spanish,mexican,indian,turks, arabs ,armenian ( kim kardashian is soooooo fine.

Sitdown3772d ago

In the game Lara was shooting sharks underwater with her pistols....gangsta

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