Adventuring in A minor: Characters that Weaponised Music

Adam from GamersFTW writes "When deciding just what weapon or equipment to use in an adventure, it’s important not to just necessarily go with the best item on hand, but rather to pick what feels right for you. Still, when a game character bypasses the shiny swords and mean looking axes in favour of a harp or a flute, it’s hard not to raise an eyebrow. Here’s five characters that used a musical instrument and made it work for them."

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MrsNesbitt2024d ago

Banjo Kazooie? <3 much love. Great article

GamerGabs2024d ago

Musical weapons are always pretty cool. Surprised that you missed out Brütal Legend, a game all about saving a world and its people with rock music, while using your guitar weapon.

DivineAssault 2024d ago

Love I-No from guilty gear.. She's who made me fall in love with the series..