Bioshock owner: We have interactive entertainment's best collection of IP

The gaming industry has a wide variety of excellent brands from a number of publishers around the world, but Take-Two believes it has the best brands around.

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DarkOcelet1241d ago

That doesn't mean anything if you don't use those IP. And no, you don't have the best collection of IP. Square Enix
does even if they don't use them.

Your games sell very well but that doesn't mean they are the best.

1240d ago
joab7771240d ago

Maybe it is the fact that they don't release each IP every year, but carefully pick and choose, while assuring that we get the very best, is why they are so successful.

We will see a new RDR and Bully. We will see another Bioshock, Mayne a remaster hopefully.

Bit I don't want to see them every year. I like GTA being released and supported to the fullest. RDR2 will get the same treatment.

DarkOcelet1240d ago

What about Manhunt 3?

Or Spec Ops 2?

Why arent those two been made yet?

AudioEppa1240d ago

Still waiting on bully 2. We could have been playing bully 3 or 4 by now lol

I get it, want to keep it in the oven until it's at the peak of perfection, but goddamn don't over cook the shit.