Mario Kart 8 Comes to Disney XD

Disney has revelaed new details of Mario Kart coming to XD.

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Coachkeys2062d ago

Nintendo is the Disney of video games. With Mario playing mascot much like Mickey. A collaboration between the two would be interesting... Mickey on Smash confirmed!!! Lol jk

Uglyday2062d ago

Well they made DK/Bowser SkylanderAmibos so they might as well make an InfinityAmibo.

sonerone2062d ago

So the next company Disney going to buy is Nintendo? That would be awesome!

LAWSON722062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

Yeah... no it wouldn't.

When a company gets bought it is controlled by people with different goals in mind to maximize its profits. Nintendo would be completely reworked and be a shell of its former self. I don't see why anyone would want a company to be bought out, let alone think it is awesome.

Garethvk2061d ago

Disney will not make costly games. They closed out Lucasarts and licened the prkperty to EA.

Uglyday2062d ago

Glorified LetsPlay, think I will pass.

Garethvk2061d ago

I am curious how this plays out with Disney Infinity having a racing element now. Is a cross over possible?