Xbox One Exclusive Raiden V Gets First 1080p Screenshots and a Release Date for Japan

Moss announced today that the previously teased Xbox One exclusive Raiden V will be releasing in Japan on February 25th both at retail and via digital download.

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AizenSosuke1238d ago

Interesting game, It's most likely coming to other systems later on since it's Japan after all.

Abriael1238d ago

Possible, Don't know of any now.

1237d ago
Blank1237d ago

Oh boy! For me in my own world this is megaton! Im importing this! Xbox one is region free plus this game will have a physical release?! No brainer for me!

Mikefizzled1237d ago

Oh my word, yes! I don't think Irem have released anything like it in years though so I really doubt its happening.

user99502791237d ago

Xbox.... exclusive? I dont understand. Quick, kill it with fire!!!

SirJoJo1237d ago

Lol that made my laugh more than it should have.

Immorals1237d ago

Well if it's a Japan only release, the fire won't be needed unfortunately.

Hopefully it gets localised!

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