Sony: 'PS2 will be ahead of Wii in 2011'

Sony boss Chris Deering has surprised many by predicting that the firm's PlayStation 2 console, which launched in the UK in the year 2000, will have more active users than Nintendo's Wii by 2011.

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Cyberwaste3723d ago

Doesnt the ps2 have more active users playing already?

Kratos Spartan3723d ago

I can't understand why he would say that? Last I heard the PS2 had a 140 million base. The Wii? Only 30 million. I don't get it. Why is he saying only 90 million for PS2 by 2011? WTF!!!

Kratos Spartan3723d ago

Now define "active users" Eyetoy vs. motion control? That's all I could think of for it. And still there is no way to really count active users, is there? Polls aren't really accurate, because not everyone who should will reply to one. So who knows.

orakga3723d ago

... as in people who still have their consoled plugged into their TVs and play games on them. So, by that account, the active user base for the PS2 HAS to be lower than 140 million. It's because many people who had at one point purchased PS2s now own PS3s, 360s and Wiis and don't use their PS2s anymore.

But yes, it's nearly impossible to measure that "active base" accurately (especially on a last-gen console which doesn't need an online connection like the next-gens), so that is merely an estimation.

But IMO, that 90 million number STILL looks high. I think, without countring sales from developing countries in the mid-east, south america and... lord, AFRICA, those numbers are going to be hard to sustain in 2011. Who would not have bought a PS3 or 360 by then? (they'll both be under $200 by then!!)

Palodios3723d ago

I've been saying it for a while, but the ps2 is crucial for Sony to "win the war against the Wii", so to speak. So far, we've heard all these rumors and speculation about motion control from Sony, but what if its not actually meant for the ps3 but for the ps2?

3rd party wii "exclusives" have been pretty much just cashcows. Give the ps2 motion controls and 3rd party developers working on those motion control games will make them for the ps2 also, because cheap ports mean bigger profit, and there wouldn't be any reason not to. People with ps2s would skip the wii and just buy a peripheral instead, except for those looking for the hardcore games, effectively making the ps2 the cheapman's Wii.

Its just a hunch of mine, but really, what does Sony have to lose, besides an investment in a system that has proven itself?

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ape0073723d ago

the legendary ps2

the overall best game console of all time

you can't beat the ps2

I hope ps3 follows the same road

and I hope the next gta is ps3 exclusive a true sequel to san andreas on 50 gb blu-ray disk

Tarasque3723d ago

Dood you have done gone ape sh1t. I would might put the ps2 in the top 5 maybe. Atari 2600 and the nes and the playstation (not ps2) set standards for gaming.

Silellak3723d ago

My favorite age of gaming is still the SNES-era. Both the console games and PC games during that timeframe were spectacular.

To me, the SNES will always be the greatest console because it has the highest concentration of my Favorite Games Evar.

RememberThe3573723d ago

...just because I want to see a new San Andreas.

ice_prophecy3723d ago

lol? As amazing as this may or may not be. Please concentrate on the PS3... darn it!

Or at the very least bring some of those new ps2 titles to the ps3.

juuken3723d ago

I agree. I love the PS2 and all but Sony should focus on the PS3 now.

Gam713723d ago

If he's right and this is not the typical pr spin that we get from all three companies then maybe sony could put b/c back in as that could tempt the ps2 users to upgrade and keep playing and buy ps2 games.

if he is right then sony really need to push the ps2 and wind down the ps2. 2011 and still no foothold for the ps3 is not good.
It's a testament to the ps2 if thats true but by then it will be holding the ps3 back.

I think he knows it as he had to put the ps3 and psp together to get it above the 360.

They need to look to getting the ps2 "active users" onto the ps3 not boasting that it will be no. 1 in 3 years time.

orakga3723d ago

Just because your ex was hot, it doesn't mean you're *still* a stud. Focus on your current project Sony and stop showing off your past achievements.

mfwahwah3723d ago

He predicts that PS3 and PSP EACH have 70mil, at least that's what I gathered from the original story.

RememberThe3573723d ago

That was the best analogy ever. bubbles.

Gam713723d ago

Orakga that was a damn good analogy.

As for the ps3 and psp it's open to a person interpretation.
We will never know until we get clarification but as it's probably a dig at the 360 you're probably right.

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DaKid3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Active users is a lose term, there really is no way of telling who has more active users, besides using polls. On the other hand its easy to get an idea with the PS3 and 360 because online is a big part of those systems.

The articel says the Wii will have 80 million users by 2011. I think it will have more by then with a few more Christmas's to come and a price drop for the already overpriced hardware.

@ice_prophecy I agree

yanikins1113723d ago

dunno about using online to guage user bases. The 360 and ps3 are selling to different demographics. Most people i know with ps3's dont play online, whilst most people i know with 360's do. Its not that they dont like the service btw, gaming is really just a part time thing for them...

DaKid3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

I was just saying that its a little easier to gauge because they can collect information right from their online service. I am not saying take how many are on, but look at how much they login, how long they play, what they play. and use this information to with stats to get an idea for the entire uses base. a Stats point of view, adjusting for margin of error of course.

orakga3723d ago

You're right, the PS3 doesn't get as much online PLAY as the 360, but the users connect to the PSN just the same. In fact, they HAVE to connect to the PSN every month or so for the firmware updates, so measuring the number of PS3 machines that connected to PSN (even if they're not using multiplayer for it) gives a very accurate reference point for the active user base.

mfwahwah3723d ago

You can get FW updates without logging onto PSN. You can install it from a flash drive that has the update downloaded from the Sony website.

RememberThe3573723d ago

Most people I know play their PS3s online and not so much on the 360. Not sure why that is, but what ever.

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Rob0g0rilla3723d ago

I wonder if it'll hold the PS3 back....

RememberThe3573723d ago

I think/know that the PS360 and the Wii are mostly two different demographics. Nintendo has stated repeatedly that they do not see the Wii directly in composition with the PS360. It sounded to me more like they want to use the ps2 to get some of the demographic that the Wii has courted. With the price point and the library the PS2 has I could see that happening. The PS3 doesn't have the price point to compete with the Wii for casual gamers, but the PS2 does.

Voiceofreason3723d ago

Nintendo stated they are not in a race to see who can make the most powerful console. That doesnt mean they are no longer a game maker. Their products are available in the very same gaming stores that carry PS3 and 360. Their sales are charted and compared with those same companies.The companies that make games for PS3 and 360 are also making games for the Wii.