Why pre-release changes in Street Fighter 5 are really important for us to talk about now

Street Fighter 5 is still a few months from hitting shelves, and Capcom has implemented an interesting new approach to developing its latest title.

Instead of keeping all testing internal, the company has turned the game over to the community to explore, allowing those who have pre-ordered SF5 special access to the beta version. While this approach may not suit other genres, we're tempted to say it's borderline genius for a fighting game.

During this process, we've seen quite a few people, (myself included at times), negate the significance of pre-release changes, implying that none of this matters until February 16th when the game actually drops.

There's some truth in that ideology, as players may be hesitant to get too well acquainted, and develop habits that no longer benefit them once the final version comes out.

A warning to those that err too far in this direction: you may be missing out on some important opportunities to better both the game, and your own play....

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Hoffmann1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )


For Eventhubs, the day Bison graced their article on N4G was the most important day of their history. For me, it was Tuesday.


Strategies are important and all of course, but no matter how good you are at performing all the specials, the combos and the new V-Triggers.

In the end you win because you were either so good at playing mindgames with your enemy, or you read how your opponent plays and you are able to crush his defense!


Gohadouken1238d ago

It's only worthwhile to listen to feedback during development to an extend . For starters many gamers will have a bias , aware of it or not , in favor of some characters or against some others , and same goes for moves they prefer , or hate to deal with .

LIstening religiously to pure feedback with Ultra SF4 , would mean neutering every not so popular characters or even mostly unplayed ones , after some players rose to proeminence and won championship with them and people wanting their heads . It would with C Viper , Gen , Rose , Elena , based on knee jerk reactions , and people not seeing or looking out for the big picture , and how it fits into balance

ninsigma1238d ago

If I were to pre order now, would I gain access to the beta??