Eurogamer: The Casuals Are Coming

Eurogamer writes: "When you look ahead to the future of gaming, what do you see? An ever-expanding electronic frontier, where games become more varied and immersive as technological boundaries are broken? An infantile playground for the undiscerning masses, dominated by repetitive tasks involving colourful blocks?

If you took the first option then congratulations - you have yet to fall victim to the creeping menace of casual-phobia, a silly and baseless fear that seems to have taken hold of certain vocal corners of the gaming community ever since the Wii merrily danced its way into the number one console spot with a insouciant waggle of its magic wand. "Casual gamers!" goes the paranoid cry. "They're ruining gaming! Nobody will make proper games for us if they can make millions from mini-game compilations!" Whining babies, the lot of them."

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Captain Tuttle3772d ago

I suffer from casual-phobia.

BLuKhaos3772d ago

It takes a real man to admit his faults besides who isn't casual-phobic

RealityCheck3772d ago

So am I but even after reading the article it did not provide any proof that those fear are unfounded. Will game studios hire new programmers and project managers for new casual gaming divisions OR will they redirect existing programmers\managers to more lucrative casual games? I'm not paranoid in thinking that some genres will disappear because of that, I do think however that some resources are getting diverted away from traditional non-casual games. I also think that venture capitalists will be much more willing to finance casual gaming startups then traditional gaming startups.

kingme713772d ago

RC - Exactly. Hardcore gamers are concerned that the games they love are going to be fewer and fewer as teams devote efforts to the casual. I'm hoping that more developers and resources are added instead of diverting existing resources.

I don't know if this article really said anything.

vlazed3772d ago

This article was pointless. The reason the terms casual and hardcore exist is because video games are no longer a niche market. These terms are used to describe demographics by the executives of these game companies. The very fact that there is a new demographic to cater to puts forth a question about the future of gaming. Change is coming it is just up in the air as to what will be on the other side.

On a side note, this article seems like the authors way of making himself feel better about getting owned at games.