Custom Super Mario World SNES Is A Thing Of Beauty

Custom-themed, limited edition consoles weren’t really a thing back in the day of the SNES and the Genesis, so it’s up to a dedicated few to set things right. Zoki64 picked Super Mario World, the most obvious choice for his custom SNES.

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DivineAssault 1708d ago

The super famicom looked way better than the boxy snes in the states.. This is a really nice console.. All super famicoms look nice though..

Mr Marvel1708d ago

PAL SNES (Australia/Europe) was the same as the Super Famicon.

tanukisuit1708d ago

This is the kind of effort the big 3 need, when making limited/special console bundles!

iliimaster1708d ago

i love the controls ;D man the D pad would tear my thumb up but so worth the memories

contradictory1708d ago

hmmm.... i prefer the vanilla version of the european SNES
( which is basically the same design as the Super Famicom )
this looks a bit too colorful for my tastes but each to his own.

1708d ago