2015: The Year Of Half-Baked Games

Far too many high-profile titles this year skimped on content, lacked the depth of experience gamers were expecting, or were woefully un-polished at the release stage. And somebody needs to say something.

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DonkeyDoner1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

and disappointment

frostypants1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Fallout 4 is the most fun I've had with a game in several years (to the point that I've had to make an effort to stay away from it). And clearly many people freaking love Witcher 3 and MGS V, even if they aren't my cup of tea. So I disagree with the "overhyped". I don't think we've had anymore overhyped games this year than any other. In fact I'd say this gen finally came into its own this year.

showtimefolks1234d ago

over hyped

under optimized

down graded

day one 8GB patches

fanboys defending developers like bethesda who have yet to learn how to make a game that is well optimized or even have a next gen engine

or how about UBI becoming so money hungry greedy that they have become the mid size EA

but gamers defend the developers so developers know they can easily get away with it so do the publishers. until we stand together and speak on issues as a community i don't see anything improving

jambola1234d ago

People are constantly complaining about ubisoft and EA?

As for Bethesda, what exactly did they do that was so bad? they make great games that are considered by a very large number of people to be the best games of generations or even of the genres, some even call them the best in general.

showtimefolks1234d ago

be honest if others developers release their games with poor optimization and game looking almost like a last gen title would the gaming media hand out high praises?

frostypants1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

@showtimefolks, Fallout 4 doesn't look like a last-gen game. You're still going by articles people wrote before they played it. But sure, the engine is old and this is likely the last we see it. And sure, Bethesda games can be buggy...that's been their MO since 1993 or so. I've always been very critical of their poor QA tendencies. The game is still amazing and it's kinda of ignorant to say the game doesn't deserve praise because of some shortcomings that don't prevent it from being fun. I'd rather have slightly buggy but FUN game than a well polished turd, and we've had plenty of the latter this year. Too many people, including critics, have forgotten the importance of gameplay and have heaped praise upon games that at their core were very pedestrian and dull (it's easy to make a well polished game when the gameplay is shallow). I'm not going to name the games in question but read between the lines.

showtimefolks1234d ago


brother i agree with everything you said. i just wanted to point out that i don't like the fact gamers and gaming media sometimes gives a free pass to their favorite developers

personally fallout 3 ands new vegas were more RPG's and fallout 4 is more shooter with RPG elements

sullynathan1234d ago

They make dumbed down games that caters to the cod crowd and people still have the galls to call them rpgs.

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AtariFanboy1234d ago

What has Ubi done this year? They released 2 major game where Syndicate was good and Rainbow Six has free maps.

showtimefolks1234d ago

really so they remove the single player aspect of it completely and you are excited about free maps? online only games are never ever worth full price(personal opinion)

rainbow six vegas 1 and 2 were awesome so when many saw patriots they were super excited only to be later told no single player

eferreira1234d ago

You'll never see an open world game as complex as most released this year bug free.

showtimefolks1234d ago

it's one thing to be bug free because you can tell a developer is trying but it's another when the engine being used is so old and outdated

so just because a developer makes an open world game should we automatically accept the glitches and bad graphics? or maybe witcher 3 set my exceptions too high

now you see witcher 3 launched with a lot of glitches but CD project red from day one communicated with their fans and assured them it would be fixed. bethesda has a long history of not fixing their games in a timely manner or not at all

and before you think otherwise i also have fallout 4 and bought it day one. i really like it a lot so far(still quite early in the game) but is it too much to expect a bit better optimization?

jambola1234d ago

Depends on the game/developer

The more enjoyable things are and the more good things done, the more bad things i think can be overlooked, and since from my experience nothing too bad has happened in any bethesda games, i can excuse some small problems considering all the great game they have put out

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philm871234d ago

Guy who wrote this should just probably stop playing computer games if he can't enjoy these.

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Picnic1234d ago

Does anyone else think this internet lark might not be the best way to a harmonious world?