Review: Fallout 4 Is Fantastic But Far From Flawless [EGMR]

Quote: "Fallout 4 is every bit the Bethesda game you might expect. It's got a solid story, hundreds of hours worth of content to explore, and more bugs than you will find in a sewer on a hot summer evening. It's up to you how you feel about that."

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Septix1240d ago

The modders already patching several bugs with the PC version... Gotta love them :)

joab7771240d ago

Yep. And call me weird but I love that it isn't flawless. I dunno. It's like I've grown so used to the engine that I just love it all.

sullynathan1240d ago

I'd like Beth even more if they put their ridiculous budget to use and actually patched something themselves.

Obamacare1240d ago

Yeah I love fallout 4. But I have corrupted so many future quest that I had to revert back to old saves three times just fix the problem. Ex. I killed the brotherhood off too early, another quest literally would not start. They had so many games that prevented this from happening. Yet fallout 4 they seem so lazy about preventing it.

marioJP871240d ago

I get soooo P'ed off at the bugs i experience but i still love the game. Glad mods are curing most of my problems.

aaron58291240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Anyone faced terminal hacking problems? Example the password i chose "shame". It told me likeliness = 0. But every other passwords contains the letters "S" and an "A" or even an "E" ? I'm on ps4 btw.

SlightlyRetarted1240d ago

Containing the letters is not enough, letters should be at the same spot in the word too.

aaron58291238d ago

Oh.. ah damn it. Thanks. :D