How PS4 Won and Lost Black Friday

MWEB GameZone writes: " This Black Friday saw the PlayStation 4 have a couple of positive results, but there is a looming problem on the horizon"

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HanCilliers1237d ago

I recon we'll see a repeat of last Christmas with Lizard Squad. Curious as to why they didn't target Xbox as well on Black Friday.

uth111237d ago

I'm not convinced it was lizard squad and not just high demand

Nitrowolf21236d ago

same, I don't even think Sony or microsoft evn acknowledged it was them, I mean we ALWAYS have downtime during the holidays

YinYangGaming1236d ago

They started posting around 30 minutes to 1 hour before PSN went offline telling people they were going to take it down. I'm pretty sure it was them, 'high demand' is pretty optimistic imo, these douches are planning to do the same as last year and I wish we'd all stop giving them media attention, perhaps they'd stop then.

GribbleGrunger1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )


A full 30 minutes before? Ok, I'm a member of the Crab Squad and I'm going to bring down PSN next year about this time. That's a whole year before so I'm assuming when it happens you'll be mighty impressed. It won't have anything to do with the millions of people accessing PSN deals or the thousands and thousands of new PS4 owners who are logging in and downloading the latest firmware, or accessing those PSN deals for themselves, it will be just ME and my fellow members of 'The Crab Squad.' You have been warned!

iDadio1236d ago

Can I join Crab Squad, I'm adept at using my keyboard and mouse to do stuff and I like your ambitions.

GribbleGrunger1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )


We have strict rules here at Crab Squad and only the most trusted people can get access to our vast network of cutting edge technology. Here are the requirements:

1: You must send us your little finger in an unmarked envelope. Make sure you wash it first (not the envelope, your little finger).

2: You must be capable of making unfounded claims and sticking by them in the face of all other possibilities.

3: Send us your credit card details. Your anonymity is assured.

Bansai1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

Lizards twitted them hour before the attack saying it's just the test before the christmas, but yeah, let's damage control and say it's high demand, let's pretend the issue of PSN doesn't exist, it'll better for consumers in the long run, right?

Ezz20131236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

Hey, guys

Can i join the club ?!
i will bring doritos and mountain due.

I already sent my finger (i swear it's my finger not someone else -_-) and i claim that Ouya will win this consoles race.

BeefCurtains1236d ago

That sucks, Lizard Squad is pointless.

"Oh look at us, we can do a weak Ddos attack and ruin everyone's fun for no purpose or political reason".

What a waste of time... Ruin some 8 year olds Christmas morning. Freaking dorks.


Its just not funny or amusing if another attack. I bought a ps4 for my 9yo boy. I told him two more years till he gets the console to throw him off,,so i cant wait to see his face opening the gift. I also have joint custody of him and dont see him much, and this is a chance to atleast spend some time together online here and there. It more than pisses me off ya know

Kidmyst1236d ago

For anyone who follows Lizard Squard on social media, all you are doing is giving them the attention and outlet they want. All they want is attention and to cause headaches, the more you retweet and spread their message the more they will do and stay around.

kreate1236d ago

Idont have a ps4. But its probably not too bad since ppl were shopping on black friday. Not really aggressively playing much games i would assume.

My ps3 didnt have any problems. Bought a bunch of games w that 10% discount on the ps store on black friday.

Sony needs to make sure psn is secured during christmas though. We'll see.

iTechHeads1236d ago

Tidux said there was a record number of players online on Black Friday so that makes it an easy explanation for the outage that day. It was fine on Saturday and Sunday though so kudos to Sony for quickly reacting to the increased traffic.

FriedGoat1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

I love how it calls millennials fickle because they prefer the PS4. Not a biased article at all.

Wallstreet371236d ago


What are you insinuating? that if it was lizard squad indeed and they targeted Microsoft their wouldn't be issues with live also? thats absurd. What dont you undertstand? anything is hackabel, for christ sake even the pentagon has been hacked before.

The issue with PSN lol im done.

Bansai1236d ago

So, you're trying to say PSN has no issues? NOW IM DONE lawl.

sonarus1236d ago

I had minor issues trying to log in but NOTHING (caps for emphasis) compared to last year. Hopefully will not occur again like last yr. if it does shame on Sony for not taking necessary preventative measures

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Liqu1d1236d ago

They were doing tests for Xmas apparently.

TAURUS-5551236d ago

PS4 won the console battle so back friday thing was gonna be easy

Kayant1236d ago

"I wish we'd all stop giving them media attention, perhaps they'd stop then."

Well you're giving them credit also by saying they were responsible. Them saying that would take it down 30 mins before doesn't prove their claim because it takes a while for reports to be reported by the media so could have already been happening and this isn't the first time as pointed out by Nitrowolf2 PSn has struggled during peak times.


Nonsense, XBL has crapped the bed on every major game release in recent memory. Its always either people cant download their digital copy or update, cant redeem codes for dlc, season passes or preorder bonuses or cant connect to a game.

The fact is network infrastructure is nowhere near ready for the level of traffic and bandwidth needed to accomodate that much concurrent activity.

kenwonobi1236d ago

Exactly. The console that sales the most will always have online infrastructure problems.

RzaDaRazor1236d ago

Halo 5 says hi. Flawless launch.

PreAtaric1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

@Razor - A quick Google search shows that Halo 5's launch was in fact not flawless.

OT - I'm just glad I had no trouble logging in when I got back home sunday night. I was really jonesing for some Battlefront after 5 days without it.



I work at a video game store and fielded plenty of calls from people having trouble with Halo 5.

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Channel-Live1236d ago

Why is PSN always being attacked? I say MERGE. Let MS handle the interface and Sony do the hardware. Problem solved. Love 'em both so I don't care.

nitus101236d ago

Microsoft tried to do just that in the early 1990's when the internet was just starting to become popular with the general public.

Basically they were given a one finger salute by Governments, Universities and Defense Departments who had already installed the basic infrastructure for the Internet.

If you are interested read the following " and then answer the following question. "Would you really want Microsoft managing the Internet?"

Channel-Live1236d ago

Whoa, never said anything about managing the internet. I was talking about making ONE console together. They both have their strengths and weaknesses and could benefit from one another.

KwietStorm1236d ago

PSN never went down for me. Couldn't access the store on first try, but j was gaming online fine. These wannabes aren't proving anything, and it doesn't even mean they were involved. Haven't they lied and took responsibility for this in the past? Sony had already acknowledged a record number of connected and new connected devices too.

ThyMasterDebater1236d ago

Outage for me was 2 hours.. Didn't really seem like a big deal. Sure it was longer for hours but yeah, Wasn't really a big deal.

That said..

Sony won the total sales for Black Friday which is a win period. Even if they lost by 4% among Middle Aged 34 - 50, they won by 16% among Millennials 18 - 33.

The is classic spin but to each their own. I can always tell if it's going to be an article from a site I have never heard of by the title and then after reading the article I tell why they are a website I have never heard of.

Export1235d ago

you hope its the lizard Squad and not due to people being added . Just show that sony network is weak .

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Sillicur1237d ago

Really hope hackers ruin xmas again :(

DarkOcelet1236d ago

Why would you want something like that to happen?

Skate-AK1236d ago

Judging by the sad face, I think he forgot the word don't.

TwoForce1236d ago

I agree. That's just weird thing you said that @Sillicur.

DarkOcelet1236d ago


I think you are right.

@Two Force

I think like Skate-AK said, he might have forgot to put the word 'don't'.

YinYangGaming1236d ago

Bit early to claim PS4 'won' Black Friday based on Infoscout's findings but it's safe to say both have 'won' this holiday, I'd bet both surpassed a 1 million sales this month

L0NGSHOT281236d ago

It wasn't too early last year when the same company said the same thing about Xbox one. Everyone ran with it and shouted it from the mountain top.

ScaReCrow901236d ago

Well it was too early then and it's too early now. Just because some silly people went with it doesn't mean we, respectable people should go with it .

: P

Ricegum1236d ago

Nah. It's not rocket science to see that Sony has completely dominated Black Friday. Everyone and their grandmas are picking up PS4s, and I can't blame them. Sony have nailed it with their bundles on offer.

ScorpiusX1236d ago

Don't you think you may be spreading that outlook a little to thick , come on everyone .

kenshiro1001236d ago


Not really. I work at Best Buy part time and a lot of people were picking up PS4 bundles, especially the Uncharted one.

Tobsesan1236d ago

such great bundles, cant wait to play this ps3 games on the 2 year old next gen system!!!!

kenwonobi1236d ago

It's fairly obvious. Most people are buying Fallout4 on PS4, COD on PS4, there is a recent price drop on PS4. Logic dictates they are buying the PS4 in huge numbers.

Tobsesan1236d ago


More people own a Ps4 so DUH.... Also theire is nothing really big this holiday at Playstation besides 3. party content. I know this sounds kind of fanboyish but im still playing a ton of Forza, Tomb Raider and Halo at the moment. I dont really have much time for Fallout, Cod and Battlefront. I really like those games but this holiday is way too packed....

UltraNova1236d ago

@ Tobsesan

"I dont really have much time for Fallout, Cod and Battlefront. I really like those games but this holiday is way too packed...."

I don't want to sound fanboyish as well but that's ^^ MS's fault.

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someOnecalled1236d ago

The question is why do gamers care. These companies are making money let's leave it at that. The have the puppets dancing around fighting for them while they laugh. Pathetic

Malice-Flare1236d ago

i didn't experience an outage last week. i bet it's heavy load due to the glut of new games and players...

then again, i live in Asia...

SpinalRemains1381236d ago

My PSN was definitely down for a good 90 mins that I noticed. Obviously longer had I tried sooner.

Lizard people suck. Oh, except Sleestak. They're ok.

iceman061236d ago

+for the Sleetak reference!!! LOL

TKCMuzzer1236d ago

I'm in the UK and all has been well

rainslacker1236d ago

Store was a bit slow for me on Saturday, but I was able to make connections for anything I did. I wasn't aware there was an attack on Friday and I was on my Vita half the day.

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