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Pocket-Lint:After a seven-year absence (an eternity in videogame terms), Rainbow Six's return is tragically timely, with the recent Paris terrorist attacks causing publisher Ubisoft (which is a French company) to cancel some of the game's planned marketing support.

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MRBIGCAT2031d ago

How can you post a credible review when the public servers haven't even gone live yet? The beta is slightly different than the final release. Tisk tisk Pocket lint!

user99502792031d ago

Because they have played the game and reviewed it based on how it plays, not how the servers work. It is reasonable to expect that the servers will be fine at some point, and that's when this score is valid.

Score is fine for people who dont flip out when an online game has launch day server issues, because it represents the game itself. A little patience goes a long way when it comes to gaming.

MRBIGCAT2031d ago

It is well documented the beta is slightly different from the full game release. Your review is misleading. Should be "Beta review". But hey do what you have to do for clicks, right?

user99502792031d ago

My review? lol. Flattered, but no.

jmc88882031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )


Not really. The disconnects have happened in EACH of the five tests they had.

In fact, it got WORSE with EACH one.

They even had to delay the this final open beta because the 'fix' didn't work, and whatever they did actually made it worse.

As a reminder this final beta happened mere days before launch, and it still wasn't working.

Will it finally get fixed? I honestly don't know. They are well aware of it, and each 'test' failed to remedy the problem.

Have you ever heard of FIVE alpha/beta/stress tests for a game? They HAD five, and couldn't get it working.

Plus the fact it is P2P and doesn't have dedicated servers means even if 'fixed' it will never be great or even good. Just passable, and right now it's nowhere close to that.

This game has some serious issues. I doubt they get it fixed anytime soon, and perhaps never. Some games are like this. I hope this game isn't like that, but it's getting worse, not better... and launch is in mere hours.

Hopefully they fix it at some point...hopefully, and such an attitude is reasonable because of how badly they've failed to fix it despite how publicly they have been that they are trying to.

DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

I can get the pc reviews getting a better score cause of mouse and keyboard controls. But wtf is the deal with console controller configs. They are the worst yet in any series . Especially rb6. I get it at midnight. Praying its better than the beta controls. Is it really that hard to polish that aspect of development in 2015? Not being an ass, i am ignorant to how a game is developed