Dark Souls 3 New Gameplay Details And Screenshots To Come Later This Week

New Dark Souls 3 gameplay details and screenshots will be coming later this week thanks to the new issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu

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esmittystud1011238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

I can't wait to die, well......actually I can. I'm on my second playthrough on Bloodborne and I just got done with the boss Vicar Amelia, getting ready to go talk to Alfred again then head on to the Forbidden Woods in search of Byrgenwerth.

I'll pretty much go through the entire game again until the house in Hunters Dream is burning and right before the final boss fight with Gehrman. Then go finish all Chalice Dungeons, they are really deep. I enjoy them alot. After I finish those up I'm heading for The Old Hunters DLC area. After that, I will finally fight Gehrman.

Don't know how long it will take me though. I'm hoping to have everything finished up before the release of Dark Souls 3 but if not I'm okay with that.

This might be the last From Software game of its kind. The developers pretty much said they are going in a new direction with there new president. Which is hard for me to hear because I'm such a huge fan of there current games and how they work and funtion, combat system, (No Mercy, your gonna die alot). Of course Bloodborne was my first From Software game, so I haven't had my feel for the series yet.

nucky641238d ago

there's a big rumor that (at psx this weekend) sony will announce a remastered version of demon souls will be coming to ps4 - I've played it to completion many times, and I'd still be getting the ps4 version on day1. keep an eye on psx experience this weekend!

esmittystud1011238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

I never played it before and its coming to PS4 possibly, this is music to my ears. I deffinatly want to try it. Guys keep telling me to get the old ones and I want to but playing on an Xbox 360 now days is very bland anymore. I have had both PS4 and Xbox One for a while now and going back a gen is hard. So I will take all the remasters I can get.

I will get Demon Souls if it is remastered on PS4. I will be looking at PSX this weekend for sure. Good looking out.

Forn1238d ago

If they release a Demon's Souls Remastered & Dark Souls Remastered bundle on PS4 my heart will stop. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Forn1238d ago

Well their new president is Miyazaki. So whatever direction he takes the company I want to go.

SpinalRemains1381238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )


The man is not a sell out, and whatever he designs, develops or directs, will be hard and fun.