Virtua Fighter 5 'PS3 Fight Montage

Since the internet is now officially abuzz with news about Virtua Fighter 5, I thought it would be fitting to put up GameVideos' new video that shows off Virtua Fighter 5.

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CAPS LOCK5258d ago

cant wait to get it on ps3. is the 360 version coming six months later or am i wrong?

anyway i hope ps3's online would be good on this game, i want to kick some japans ass.

5asawi5258d ago

ja its coming six mounths later, thats life LOL

there is no online mode in the game, both for PS3 and 360, thats a shame.. so you be kicking nobodys ass but your console LOL

TheMART5258d ago (Edited 5258d ago )

Coming later on 360 but getting the better version:

"Kikizo can reveal that early code is running on 360 right now and that 360 owners will, apparently, benefit from the additions and refinements that will be made to the ‘Version C’ arcade revision, while the PS3 version will be based around the imminent Version B."

Oh yeah newsposter, you may change this to PS3/360 news!

Funky Town_TX5257d ago

I was more excited for the game when O thought it was a PS3 game only. The cloth animation the physics and graphics were possible because it was on PS3. Now that it's a multi console gamed it just lost it's mystical appeal. Oh well. When Soul Caliber is announced as a game then I will be happy.

Yo Wassap5257d ago

So it lost its appeal beacuse it had better graphics, you definately lost me there.

OutLaw5257d ago

Not to get off the topic but circuitcity has the PS3 in stock.

I couldn't help myself and ordered one of the bundles just now.