Does Take-Two even need another Grand Theft Auto?

If you work in games retail, it will be hard to forget September 2013.

Grand Theft Auto V launched to phenomenal critical acclaim, resulting in snaking queues outside stores and a level of commercial success that no other boxed game has attained before or since.

A few weeks after the game launched, Rockstar released a dedicated online mode called GTA Online. The open-world experience had some initial launch issues, but has since gone on to big success. The mode has been regularly updated and subsequently ported across to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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AudioEppa1785d ago

Yes and at this point I personally feel like they should separate online from the story and go F2P.

Online is alright, but it doesn't matter if it was great. It will never replace the impact feeling of the new GTA coming out with a whole new cast of characters wrapped into a crazy story.

That's a powerful goddamn tradition that has been set since 2001, don't screw it up now because you want to take the franchise into a midlife crisis, be thankful you have such a successful game for this long, especially from what it was the beginning, the 8bit days... Ugh thank god for 3

PhoenixUp1785d ago

How crazy would it be if we get another Grand Theft Auto game that can sell pass 50 million units

Buzz7S1785d ago

Of course it does. Take-Two are one of the few Western publishers who do not give a s*** about "muh feelz" and as long as they are in business and publishing a game like Grand Theft Auto, as gamers, we don't have to worry about our hobby being censored or toned down.

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