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Once you get past the presentation, the fun dries up pretty quickly in EA's much heralded sequel.

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thugtrio1238d ago

I think 7/10 is a bit too generous.

OB1Biker1237d ago

'Once you get past the presentation, the fun dries up pretty quickly '
BS many like me are 40+ hours in and can't stop playing. I guess it's a matter of taste but StarWars is all about style. I understand gamers want more content for cheaper and that's how it should be but the quality is there

iDadio1237d ago

The existence of the previous Battlefront games has lead to the obvious but ultimately damning comparisons on content.

TheCommentator1237d ago

Well, if they didn't want it to be like Battlefront, why call it Battlefront then? They could have simply named the game something else, but decided to ruin a great franchise with a visual tech demo lacking in every area that made the series outstanding. They damned themselves, really.

ninsigma1237d ago

Great game. Only got to start playing the full game over the weekend. I'd personally give it a 7.5. There's nothing groundbreaking in it from what I've seen and it looks like some of the modes are basically the same thing with a small twist but game play wise it's completely solid and it's attempt at making you feel like you're in the star wars universe is bang on. This isn't my main game right now but I've taken a break from destiny so to have battlefront as my secondary while I play bloodborne is nice. Jumping on to blast people for a short while is great! No regrets on this purchase.

Allsystemgamer1237d ago

It's the main game me and my buddies are playing. It's great with friends. Using tactics in a party to take points is EXTREMELY difficult in supremacy against s competent team. We used tactics to take down a bloodlusted Luke in one of the points. Each jet packed away at the right time to piss him off.

Heroes vs villains is GREAT with friends. Especially trying to learn new ways of using the heroes.

Yes it's a little light on content but there is a great foundation.

The people saying its shallow haven't played the previous battle fronts in a while. They are basically also just shoot what ever you see.

Granted those were great games. For their time.

iceman061237d ago

I think this is about as fair a score as ever. It's not great and it's not horrible. It's good, serviceable fun. Sure, it's not the classic Battlefront that we are used to. It's more of a DICE take on Battlefront...which I don't mind all together. It's not a hardcore shooter, much like the previous iterations. As many have lamented over and over, it's light on content. At the same time, though, there is enough initially to at least find a couple of game modes that you like. It's the map content that suffers the most, IMO. I'd honestly like to see what they could do without the constraints of having to release alongside a movie. (My nephew surprised me with an early Xmas gift because he knows how much I lover Star Wars!!!)

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