Is It Too Late For Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 To Be Redeemed?

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 recently received a new patch, but is it too late for the game to be redeemed?

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LaWiiG1242d ago

I think, Yes. The outfit is trash. They didn't have it in their last installment, and this new one, the same.

FallenAngel19841242d ago

Of course it is. Activision only made this unpolished game because their license was about to expire soon

ShottyatLaw1242d ago

It's the Fantastic 4 of videogames.

EverydayJoe1242d ago

Well it was good at one time. The Fantastic Four movies have never been good. Hahaha

Soldierone1242d ago

There is no purpose to them keeping the license. I think it may have been the other way around, they HAD to make like 7 games within a period of time and if they didn't then they paid Mr. Hawk for failing.

I mean think about it, Tony Hawk isn't a strong name anymore. The skateboarding scene is no where near as big as it once way. The franchise itself is tired and old. Activision would actually be better off branding a new skateboarding name anyways.

MASTER_RAIDEN1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

its too late for this game, period. Regardless of how tolerable future patches might make it, everyone knows it was a shameless cash grab before activision loses its rights to the tony hawk IP. everything about the games rushed development shows.

Im POSITIVE tony hawk skating games could be great again once the series finds a new development team. the first 4 pro skater games along with underground 1 & 2 were all excellent titles. if tony hawk pro skater 6 ever happens, it could be the best skating game ever. just dont judge the series too harshly on this trash game cause the series is so much bigger.

DanielEndurance1242d ago

Even if it was COMPLETELY fixed, there's still not much to love about Pro Skater 5.

AntsPai1242d ago

The only way I'll get this is if they give it away with PS+, even then I'll be disappointed that Sony gave money to someone involved with this trash.

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