Just Cause 3: First Contact Technical & Performance analysis on Xbox One

NX Gamer:
Rico returns bigger, badder and more tooled up than before with access to more weapons, vehicles across a world of 400 Sq miles for you to save or most likely blow up.

Found out how this procedural destruction works and how it performs as we take our first look before the game launches.

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Genuine-User1235d ago

Absolute disaster. I wont buy this game on either system.

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DarkOcelet1235d ago

Lets wait and see if the day 1 patch make a difference in performance.

Rookie_Monster1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

On the video, the reviewer did say he was testing it with a day one patch already. Hopefully there is another patch as this looks more and more like AC Unity by the look of it on consoles.

the freezing, long load time from last save (the reviewer said it took him 15 minutes to load a save, wtf?), and framerate dipping as low as 17fps are really bad. Unfortunate, as the game looks fun as heck and was hoping for it would perform better.

The PC version will hopefully be better but it is kind of sad that consoles have to suffer from yet again another bad port.

DarkOcelet1235d ago


I must have missed that. Damn. I hope Avalanche get this sorted out then.

Fatdrinkofwater1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Lots of issues with this game. I agree with nxgamer they should have spent more time optimizing and bug fixing before releasing it. Delaying a few months would have been better than tarnishing the games reputation.

Im sure in time with lots of updates things will get ironed out but right now i would be pissed if i bought this game and it kept crashing on me after long ass loading screens.

15 minutes to load a game is unnaceptable no matter what hardware its on.

user99502791235d ago

damn this looks like a ton of fun. Was going to wait on this but R6 seems like it might have launch issues.

DevilOgreFish1235d ago

I haven't seen the ultra settings on pc yet but I actually think it looks good on the consoles. The coast lines, foliage, destruction and lighting looks good to me. I wonder when the reviews will hit, I got my eyes on picking this up.

dreadz741235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

I have watched about 2 hours of JC3 gameplay footage game looks fun as heck. Ps4 reports issues with this game on gaf and now this version I hope a proper Day one patch is deployed for all versions as the game is not out yet officially. I pre ordered this for my PC when I had seen all the physics the game does and well 4k.

Dario_DC1235d ago

People were bashing the PS4 version but the Xbox One is no better! Horrible framerates! Fifteen minutes to LOAD?? WTF??? This is pure trash and it's with the day one patch runing! No way I'm buying this until it gets fixed

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TKCMuzzer1235d ago

I have been playing the PS4 version and can safely say I have not had a fifteen minute load issue. There are frame rate issues but it easily outwayed by the fun you have on the game. Play offline, this has helped me with quite a few issues

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