The World's Biggest Windows Blue Screen of Death ~ Olympic sized XP error

Spong: The opening ceremony at the Beijing Olympic games was - by all accounts - quite spectacular*. Especially the bit where Chinese gymnast Li Ning apparently jogged towards the torch despite being suspended more than 70 metres aloft.

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xhi43719d ago

was spectacular.

did everyone here like it?

Fishy Fingers3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

I watched it, and while it isn't really my thing I have to admit it was seriously impressive, but that's what 300 million buys you. I believe it was directed by the guy who directed Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

It must be available online somewhere, you should check it out. I doubt it will ever be topped.

Mr_Bun3719d ago

I haven't seen it either, but I hear good things

whoelse3719d ago

God knows how London is supposed to top that :D

Rute3719d ago

The performance was about as epic as live performances can get. They even had a huge Earth-looking globe floating over the arena with performers moving on it's surface. Then there were the thousands of drummers beating simultaneously in highly coordinated way. It actually reminded me of the scene in Lotr: The Two Towers where Saruman and Grima rise to the top of Orthanc and hail the Uruk-Hai troops.

The future belongs to the Chinese people.

Montrealien3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )


London? Vancouver is scewed, lol...

I have to say though, I watched he whole thing live and it was simply amazing=. I never saw that blue screen though.

and it was Yimou Zhang he directed,

Curse of the Golden Flower
House of Flying Daggers

to name a few

Ang lee did Crouching Tiger Hidden dragon.

HateBoy3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

You can download the whol thang from pirate bay, there's even one version in fullhd, together with a couple of smaller versions with lesser quality. Haven't downloaded any of them so can't say much about them, but they are there!

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MaximusPrime3719d ago

ultimate embarassment and epic failure for Microsoft and Bill Gate himself.

RebornSpy3719d ago

MS learned from their mistakes and fixed the blue screen error with Vista. It's not their fault that the Chinese used XP instead.

And why mention Bill Gates? He has no hand in the blue screen errors. If anyone it was the programmers, or maybe the computer was already filled with viruses. The blue screen does not appear for no reason. You, the user, have to do something wrong for it to appear.

Maybe the awesomeness of the ceremony was too much for it.

KingME3719d ago

They don't want to hear that, it doesn't fit their agenda.

Shane Kim3719d ago

hahahah they might have fixed the blue screen of death with Vista but a ton of other "deaths" is on that piece of sh!t OS.

blackbeld3719d ago

long live MCSFT BleuScreenOffDeath!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Long live MAC LEOPARD OSX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me as Eng. more BSOD more $$$$$ for me.. lol

hay3719d ago

@RebornSpy: Wanna see picture of my bluescreen I got at work on Vista? Don't know? Don't talk.

cmrbe3719d ago

for hiring the people that hires the programmers?.

jaja14343719d ago

HRM, Dept Heads, and the like. Not CEO's

dude_uk3718d ago

"MS learned from their mistakes and fixed the blue screen error with Vista. It's not their fault that the Chinese used XP instead."

errr no...
they haven't "fixed" the BSOD on vista

i actually got one a month ago

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GodsHand3719d ago

'Red' ring of death, 'Blue' screen of death, now all we need is 'White' something of death.

Then the colors will be complete.

Enigma_20993719d ago

... but I gotta give you this one... I never thought about it quite like that... potential for a full-on patriotic failure!

You get an agree and a bubble, sir!

_Q_3719d ago

MS will move to France?

mfwahwah3719d ago

Lol. I never saw that, I swear, if the new Xbox has a White _____ of Death, I will just cry from laughter thinking back to this ^.^

KingME3719d ago

What if it's the PS3 that has this white screen blank, would you laugh then?

Enigma_20993719d ago

... because then it would STILL need two different colors of FAIL.

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jay23719d ago

Lol, good point there GH, yeah that opening ceromony was totally mind blowing!! nothing new there then with BSOD from Windows.

enjoi1873719d ago

those dissing much almost every company would be no where if it was for Microsoft....and im pretty sure you guys are using xp or vista....if not Mac and linux is good but not for gaming at all but that is a shame of the blue screen ahahhaah.

Lumbo3719d ago

Pretty much EVERY company would be somewhere, and considering the cost of BSOD for productive users they would prolly be somewhere advanced. Without Microsoft there would simply be one, or more likely several OTHER operating systems offering the same, but stable. Thats the same as saying without CocaCola no one would have any kind of soda to drink.

mfwahwah3719d ago

So without MS, we'd be stuck in a terrible world where no one else got the same idea?

I bet you that if MS never came to fruition, and Bill Gates never cared about computers, that somebody else would. I do acknowledge what MS has done, but someone else could have done it too, maybe better, maybe worse: that's what we don't know.

Diugu3719d ago

... he saw an opportunity and, as the great businessman he is, took it. He didn't invent anything. Someone else did and he copied.

I am sure we would be fine without Microsoft, maybe better.

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