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Hey Poor Player's Gary Swallow writes - "Rise of the Tomb Raider is a return to form for the long-running series, and Crystal Dynamics manages to pull it off spectacularly. Lara Croft has transcended the relatable, well-rounded protagonist and reclaimed her place atop the throne as one of video gaming’s best lead characters to come around in a long time."

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dead_pixels1238d ago

Such a great game. Definitely the crown jewel of the Xbox One's library right now.

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Perjoss1238d ago

My copy arrives tomorrow, really looking forward to checking it out as I played quite a lot of Tomb Raider 2013 and loved that game.

Gaming4Life19811238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

Halo 5 is the best multilayer Co op and competitive game out on Xbox one right now and rise of the tomb raider is the best single player adventure game on the system. Not really comparable in my opinion but I do like rise of the tomb raider more than fallout 4. I have more hours on fallout 4 cause of the rpg aspects but I am having way more fun with rottr.

GrimDragon1238d ago

Well after finishing tomb raider my review for this game is a solid 8. The story is good though a bit cliche and bordering on the wtf?? Train with the whole Jesus thing (you'll know when you play it)
The environment graphics are crispy and glistening with texture throughout with just a few areas kind of washed out and meh nothing hugely distracting. For every yawn area there are a few wow ones. The character models are not as detailed as Lara though even Lara at times would look a little muddy texturally on the face. The animations are strangely bordering on stiff yet fluid. The controls for the most part are responsive unless you happen to be somewhere that the same button has different effects than you might inadvertently jump off a cliff when you meant to climb a wall.
The shooting mechanics are floaty and not exactly precise there seems to be no weight to the weapons you carry so moving just a smidge to a direction you want will have you moving your reticule way over the intended area even with maxed accuracy. The weapon upgrades are largely a waste as you really don't benefit at all from any of the supposed better weapons. An example would be the composite bow one of the easiest and the second to first bow you get is more powerful than any other bow you get later that require a lot more effort to get. In fact I finish the game with only my default weapons being of any use. Something I found very wrong. There is a severe lack of tombs in this game I think even less than the first one. The ones you do find are small contain a puzzle to get the treasure which are often a useless perk. The game also contains less cinematic elements than the first. Lara bust her sexy ass falling down ravines more often than she should iam guessing the creators thought that's what made the first great and over did it with this one. The expedition mode with all the card perks I found completely boring useless and devoid of any real reason to strive for all those quest completions just to buy cards in each category that contain the same garbage as any other deck. Seriously don't spend 60,000 on those elite cards you'll regret it. In closing its a good game with some minor flaws but really it's failure it's in its inability to really elevate itself from the shadow of the first game and instead seems content to follow the same exact formula of the first which its only defining difference is the location of this adventure. The first tomb raider had the same flaws but it was forgiven because it really delivered something new to the franchise and it was expected that this time around it would be polished out. But I guess maybe the third part will be the charm. As it stands though for all you ps4 gamers wondering about this game and maybe upset at the wait time. Wonder no more and don't be upset. If you played tomb raider definitive addition you played this one as well. Your not missing anything.

Plagasx1238d ago

Waiting for PC version.