LittleBigPlanet to Embarrass Xbox Live (Devs Angry at Microsoft's Live Policy)

Gameplayer has spent two days with LittleBigPlanet and its Senior Product Manager, Nick Robinson, gaining plenty of insight into what gamers can expect. It includes a look at why the game would not work on Xbox 360, and goes on to suggest that its success may force Microsoft's hand regarding their policy on user-generated content.

"We broached the subject of the Xbox 360 with Nick and whether LittleBigPlanet could function as desired on the format: the answer was a disappointed shake of the head. Echoing thoughts we heard from Epic Games Mark Rein last year regarding the issues they faced with wanting mods available for the Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament III (which subsequently resulted in a delay), and the frustration shown more recently by the developers of N+, Microsoft's Draconian – and frequently hypocritical (seems to be ok in Halo 3 and Forza 2) – restrictions on user-generated content is proving to the be Live's Achilles' Heel."

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Forbidden_Darkness3746d ago

Why limit peoples imaginations and creations by not letting them show them? Thats exactly why LittleBigPlanet will be the best game ever, because its lets you create your imaginations and show them off to others. I wonder what Micro$ofts lame excuse is for not letting people be creative?

n4gzz3746d ago

dirty little sackboy picture at front !!

castags3746d ago

because they would want to charge you and if a user was selling it they would want royalty fees

theKiller3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

already excels xbox live in some things!

now i ask the 360 owners, what r the things 360 better than ps3?

online: they r both equal if not psn better for devs

games: ps3 has better games or at worst equal, if someone disagree with me then he can bring the list

hardware: i dont even have to talk which one is better

price: ps3 is cheaper but initial price is higher than 360

ps3 is owning the 360 slowly in every aspect but i have to say right now in JRPG's 360 is owning the ps3! but the problem that all those JRPG's r average games!

why so serious b*ts??

Mr_Bun3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

I see that you are wearing your flamesuit. I completely agree with you though

Bucky Sligo3746d ago

"online: they r both equal if not psn better for devs"
Why would that matter since we're gamers, not devs?

"ps3 has better games or at worst equal, if someone disagree with me then he can bring the list"
Are you talking about multiplat? If so then I'm afraid I can bring you a rather large list of games where the Xbox360 is on top. Exclusives are a matter of oppinion because you can't directly compare them cross-platform and I have seen GT5:P and it's NOT better than anything seen on the Xbox360.

"but the problem that all those JRPG's r average games"
How did you come to that conclusion?

"hardware: i dont even have to talk which one is better"
Fair enough

"price: ps3 is cheaper but initial price is higher than 360"
Now you are reaching at straws my friend. Any periferal is optional for the Xbox360. You are probably talking about the cost of an XBL gold subscription but it will be a couple of years before it will catch up to the PS3 price. Paying 50$ a year is nothing at all.

theKiller3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

you: "Why would that matter since we're gamers, not devs?"

me: well did u know we play devs games? and what ever make them feel good will reflect the games as well?? going by ur logic (why does it matter that the ps3 is hard to program for?? we play games we dont program!)

you: "Exclusives are a matter of oppinion because you can't directly compare them cross-platform and I have seen GT5:P and it's NOT better than anything seen on the Xbox360."

me: i was talking about exclusives and its not only a matter of opinion, because the majority have similar opinion, they wanna play new IP's or old IP's but polished to the limits which was achieved by MGS4!
i ask u did u see uncharted? or MGS4?? well tell me a game that come close to those in any aspect from 360??

me: but the problem that all those JRPG's r average games

you: "How did you come to that conclusion?"

me: because they r not bringing any innovation in the genre and barely better in graphics to ps2 games, so nothing new in other world u can just pick up a ps2 JRPG game and it will be much cheaper

you: "Any periferal is optional for the Xbox360. You are probably talking about the cost of an XBL gold subscription but it will be a couple of years before it will catch up to the PS3 price. Paying 50$ a year is nothing at all"

me: am talking about xbox live and wifi HDD HD player etc many of these OPTIONAL peripherals r standard nowadays and it comes as standard with ps3 and if u buy the new 360 premium 350$ then in just one year it will cost as much if not more than ps3 and if u always have it(if someone bought the system to play online will always have it and 12 million golden members share my point of view) it will cost u much more!

here's ur answer

why so serious??

Montrealien3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

And all we want is that one service becomes the most powerful and most used so it can stomp the competition and rule the online console gaming world! Right?!? Articles like this annoy me, the idea is that PSN makes Live want to be better and vice versa that is all, then we all win and we avoid one console/service to rule them all, cause if one does, we all lose.

I want competition and here we have yet another article tailor made for people that think their consoles are big robots fighting in the sky. I'll pass on this nonsense, let the flame farting and the pissing contest begin or continue, the comments above me seem to be already doing that...typical.

LBP seems to be an engaging twist on the platformer genre and I can't wait to play it however do I want it to be the end all be all of online create and share services for consoles so that Live can go the way of the dodo? hell no!

SlappingOysters3746d ago

Did you read it dude. That is pretty much what the article says. It agrees with you

That Xbox will have to change their policy if LBP is a success and thus both services will improve as a result.

Montrealien3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Gamerzone is "serious business" gawd!

And yes I read the article and yes it agrees with me, even though you guys don't. It still doesn't change the fact that many people will do like I said. Just reading a few comments hurts my serious brain...

looks @ below

_Q_3746d ago

"people that think their consoles are big robots fighting in the sky" robot is shiny...bubbles.

Bubble Buddy3746d ago

As Spongebob said in a drastic voice: IMAGINATIONNNNNNN!!!!

cervantes993746d ago

Well said my friend bubble to you!

Competition is GOOD! Without it, companies have no incentive to improve their product - just look at Madden franchise. Madden is good and all, but does it push any boundaries from year-to-year?

Bazookajoe_833746d ago

"But that potential could go sour, as soon as a potential buyer looks at the back of the cover and see that they will be playing with a sack!"

And that cant be said about viva pinata?

jmorph93746d ago

Just imagine if a virus infects all the xboxs online. They probably think it is not worth the risk, and they may be right. If a console did get infected, could it be cleaned without just reformatting the disk? No doubt they are missing functionality, but user generated content is a double edge sword.

Rourker3746d ago

your answer . . . Microsoft doesn't own that content so they can't make money off it, and that's pretty much it. its apparently not enough that you bought their system and games that they get royalties for anyway.

potenquatro3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

and the zit ridden preteens show their age and colors. I srsly doubt one lousy game will make Live change it's model, they are very anal about this things,specialy when this model is working for them. and then the fantards start talking sh!t about wich console is ultimetly better? LOL. the agree/disagree ratio from the Sony fanboys is ridiculous. xbox is basically a good gaming OS and Sony can't do sh!t about it? how can people defend Sony like this for so long. u got a ps3? great! now get an xbox, it's only $200. be gamers. find out why Sony hasn't been able to dominate like it used to. on-topic i for one don't care about LBP, i'm more intrested in socom. off-topic if you wanna be a champion like eagle-eye get a wii. be gamers. i guess consoles are like sports cars to litle kids that are trying to compensate for something.

EDIT: wow i just read on another thread, another flamebait but from MS's fans this time LOL. i hate whe i'm tricked to go to theese flamebait articles on N4G. :(

Alvadr3746d ago

Every day I get more psyched for LBP. Really cannot wait for it. Looking forward to it more than anything else coming this year!!!

Cant wait for Sack-boy :)

Saint Sony3746d ago

After that it collects dust in every home like every other overly hyped PS3 game.

Though, I'm still going to buy it.

SkyGamer3746d ago

As I was reading an earlier post, I think one of the reasons why MS keeps Live closed is to prevent hackers and viruses. Of course on the downside, it doesn't give the flexibility of imagination. It depends on what you want more, reliable and safe - Xbox Live, or creative but risky. I mean c'mon. With web browsing and linux and open network, do you really feel that safe as hackers will abuse it since there are many users to screw around with? Is it worth the risk? Who knows.
As for killer's comments on games, that is matter of opinion as mgs4 is great but a movie nonetheless and uncharted is like who cares? OK I am being a little harsh but man do you guys draw that game out quicker than billy the kid and I heard that game was way short. Gamers and ps3 users, (yes because that is all I hear you guys say) need to get off the whole graphics make the game mindset. I agree a certain level of graphics is important, it does not make the game. FF7 was the downfall of gaming because now every developer thinks they need to have the latest and greatest graphics to "wow the crowd."
Take Halo 3 for example, not the most REALISTIC looking game, but it was fun to play. I really enjoyed it and I am not that big a fps kind of guy. It was fun though and I beat it on Legendary.
I am just waiting for the time when you will have to install Norton or to that effect on your ps3 to keep the hackers and bugs out. With only 256mb system memory, that isn't going to be pretty.

SkyGamer3746d ago

I do not agree with charging for every little thing and that is one of the things I do not like about XBL. They need to have XNA open to everyone with a gold account instead of having to pay the 100 bucks to be a member.

XBL silver - multi-player
XBL gold - timed content and XNA

They should have it like that.

cjp4eva3746d ago



The Lazy One3745d ago

Aside from most of your points being opinions, XBL is way easier for devs.

XBL has huge support for developers that you don't see at all on PS3. Most of the coding is already done thanks to microsoft having so much background in XBL already. It's just easier to do the net programming for because most of it is already done by either other developers, or M$ itself.

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power of Green 3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

LOL "LittleBigPlanet to Embarrass Xbox Live"...

Who in the hell will be fucing around with games like this when Xbox gamers will be making and sharing their own games on XBL?(SOON). lol

XBL is pulling away from PSN, PSN is not catching up.

Fishy Fingers3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Well for one, this is a one time payment. User content is free (although in future there is a possibility of charging (possibility)). Plus there is no way of rating user generated content on Live. There will be no why of knowing the quality of the game until you have paid for it.

Plus, do you actually believe someone will make anything anywhere near the quality/scale of LBP?

There are thousands of user generated games on the internet (PC), 99.99% of them are rubbish, the games on Live will be no different I imagine. The prospect of trolling through hundreds of games in the hopes of finding something semi interesting does not appeal to me.

Developers have expressed on countless occasions the troubles with MS restrictions. I'll take they're opinion over yours I'm afraid.

Still the headline and caption picture maybe a little far fetched.

power of Green 3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Once XNA/Xbox LIVE community games launches, no Xbox fan is going to care about some kiddy game where you can make "LBP" content and charge PS3 owners for the same old LBP sh*t. XBL/360 fans will be making their own work downloading/playing/reviewing community content and getting payed.

This article is a joke, XBL is light years beyond PSN. Nice pic, I was going to post one with somebody bending over as the theme of my comment.

If you think about it LBP is actually a poor mans anwser to what MSFT has announced they will be bringing for the last couple of years cooming this holiday(possibly why LBP was delayed to implement MSFT's idea's in this very limited Capacity).

User Mods vs The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai

"LittleBigPlanet to Embarrass Xbox Live"

No this Xmas LPB will seem primitive, in the community creation sense.

Fishy Fingers3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Sorry dude, your obviously completely blinded by brand loyalty. I cant even be bothered to explain how wrong you are. Enjoy XNA.

Rob0g0rilla3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

We'll see games being deleted because they aren't being played. I really think Microsoft should be careful about the games in their catalog. Seems like they're aiming for big numbers then quality games. I'm pretty sure that out of 1,000 games that end up on Community Games, there might be only 5 that I actually purchase. And it's kind of like that now with XBLA.

It'll be overwhelmed with games that won't sell. I said this before. I hope Microsoft adds some type of quality control over the games that are on XNA. They seem like flash games were being charged for. The Dishwasher game has it written all over it.

I agree with Fishy Fingers. It's quite obvious you have an emotional attachment to Microsoft like no other. You sound so jealous. Your not even a gamer.

"If you think about it LBP is actually a poor mans anwser to what MSFT has announced they will be bringing for the last couple of years(possibly why LBP was delayed to implement MSFT's idea's in this very limited Capacity)."

Fail. LBP is LBP. Not what MST has announced. Are you serious? I can't believe what I'm reading.

castags3746d ago

Seems like someone is threatened by this game and the endless possibilities of the PSN. Kinda suck there's a limit to how big games can be on Live too isn't it. Why are you in denial power of Green? LBP will be ground breaking and your jealous. LBP GOTY!!!!!

titntin3746d ago

POG - sometimes I can barely believe you type some of what you type!

I know you are a committed 'brand boy', but surely you don't really believe that anything you've written is objective or in this case even relevant?

The article is highlighting the issue of user generated content and the restrictions that mean it can't be used on live. XNA is a totally different issue - many creative people can design and produce good level designs, but would not be interested in developing an entire game.

Don't you understand that its only by highlighting deficiencies in the system that companies make changes? If it become a big enough issue, then maybe MS will re examine their policies and adjust them accordingly. This would be a win situation for 360 owners everywhere!

By swallowing the company line you give them the right to do as they see fit, and I'm delighted that so many people don't simply swallow what they are told to like faceless droids, as it means MS has to step up its game to answer criticism and thats good for all of us.

el_bandito3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

@ Fishy Fingers

I totally agree with you. LBP's gonna be big, but the submission's title seems to be several notches too brave.

@ Yoda

Kiddy game? Fine. I'll tell that too to several people who rave about Braid, which btw, I admit is good. Bottom line is, there are people who enjoy this genre, and there are people who don't and rather get stuck with a Lancer. It's just preference, which everyone is entitled to.

Thoas3746d ago

M$ will never let you use mods in a games on Xbox 360 and that's a fact. M$ likes to control what you see and how you see it, I can bet in LBP someone will make a Marcus Phoenix, Master chief and Mario character and levels to match, but Xbox 360 owners will never have that freedom to make Kratos, Zelda and Lara Croft characters in a game on Xbox 360. You should of taken the Red Pill and had fun in Wonderland.

Syronicus3746d ago

When they first showed the XNA stuff to us and how we were going to get our own content on Live and be able to buy and sell it... It's 2008 now and coming up on 2009 quickly... Guess what? No XNA for us unless you pay for it and pay big and even then, your stuff is not guaranteed to get approval from big brother MS. The XNA hope is dying and I see a fat RIP in the near future...

SuperM3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

lol... POG you seem to fail to realize that XNA only allows what you have always been able to do on a PC. Just look at the thousands of games on the internett that you can play for free. You seriously want to pay for any of that crap on your Xbox? Because thats what you will get.

SlappingOysters3746d ago

I was going to say the same thing. I have actually found myself playing less online and more offline in this generation for some reason (matchmaking is a joke), but i still look forward to them. Other than GoW 2 I'm not seeing a hell of a lot of long-term multiplayer gaming coming this chrissy for xbox exlcusively. Viva Pinata, Banjo, Too Human and Fable aren't exactly gone to make a LBP style impact.

Seeing a lot of talk and little action from the Xbox camp at the moment. Sony have Home to go... err... home and cry about, but LBP is looking the goods.

power of Green 3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

" POG you seem to fail to realize that XNA only allows what you have always been able to do on a PC"

^^LBP offers something more innovative plus LBP being so far ahead of the 360's and PC's offerings, LBP is going to embarrass XBL?.
LBP is going to embarrass XBL when no other game has so far? lol

The Wood3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

not any more anyway.........WHY?????

cumon power of green. Your envy is shining through. XBL has limits just ask EPIC about UT. Unless their getting paid its not happening. PSN has more freedom from ugc to file sizes

Warhawk embarrassed xbl for lack of a better word. Does xbl have a 40 player online game that runs lag free. Resistance (Launch) 32 players online lag free, where's yours? Does it have games the size of Siren to download 9+ gig btw.

AAACE53746d ago

OK, you can create levels and sh*t in a game! Whooptie f'n doo! Get a PC and a developer kit and make a real game you f'n loser!

I hope little big planet is the perfect game that sony fans hope it will be! But before you fanboys get all arrogant... keep in mind that this game still has the potential to flop!

Just listen for a sec! OK, you may be into the creating your own levels and what not. But the average player will probably beat the normal levels and not care about the ability to create anything... or be like some of the gamers nowadays and say it was too hard to work with. Instantly they tell their friends, and LBP loses potential sales!

I have seen the videos of LBP and understand why alot of fans are excited. But no matter how great and innovative a game may be... If it doesn't have that ability to grab people... it will become a failure! Prime example is ICO. It was a great game from sony, but because it looked so odd and had an unusual style of play... it was overlooked(sounds kind of like LBP don't it)! But it's sequel took on a more traditional role and sold well, you may know it as Shadow of the Colossus!

So before you fanboys start with the hate. The main point I am trying to get across is, LBP could be a great game based on potential alone. But that potential could go sour, as soon as a potential buyer looks at the back of the cover and see that they will be playing with a sack!

juuken3746d ago


You would support Microsoft to the end...they could be heading off a cliff and you'll follow right behind them.

I pity you PoG, I really do.

The Wood3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

game sales alone dont determine a games 'success' Spiderman 3 done great at the box office but it was a sh*t movie. The reason SotC done better is because many had previously heard or had played ICO and enjoyed it so maybe your getting it a little mixed up. These games were loved because they were different and that appeals to many.

faisdotal3746d ago

lol @ pog

You make microsoft look bad, i don't even know how you're allowed in the gamer zone.

Silellak3746d ago

I know many people here at N4G that you could say that about if you just replaced "Microsoft" with "Sony".

Why is it okay when it's Sony that people have a hardcore loyalty too?

PoG is wrong. LBP looks amazing. But I think XNA does too, for different reasons. And, in the long-run, probably has more potential.

But to single PoG out as some blind fanboy in a site full of blind fanboys is a bit hypocritical. Just because this place happens to have an ambundance of Sony fanboys does not make it 'better' to be a certain kind of fanboy.

m91058263746d ago

lol, XNA isn't some "magical" platform that will allow anyone to create an awesome game. If you want to make one, you're gonna have to buckle down and learn some C++/c#, which is certainly not an overnight job.

You'd also need an artist, anywhere from 1 to 3 to handle Modeling, Animating, and Texturing.

My point is, game creation on ANY platform is not a one person job (with games like Everyday Shooter and Out of This World being the exceptions that prove the rule).

The appealing thing about LBP is that ANYONE can create quality content by themselves. The content creation tools are surprisingly powerful, and that was in a dated version I got my hands on almost a year ago. The use of physics in the game is amazing, and you can build pretty much ANYTHING you could build in real life, and even some things you couldn't, and then utilize them in any way you see fit. No need for hard coding, no need for a team of artists, programmers, QA, etc.

As someone who works in the development field, trust me whwn I say that LBP is THE MOST revolutionary title to come out this gen, In a time of stale shooters and half-assed action games, LBP will bring something new to the table.

_Q_3746d ago

"Once XNA/Xbox LIVE community games launches"

My I remember when xbox fans use to laugh when PS fans would say "once____ is out you'll see" just funny to see the tables turn a little. By the way PS3 owns user generated content on consoles(themes,independantly created games,modding,AND LBP). XNA is futile seeing that most gamers game I doubt many will take the time to really design something in a way that doesn't feel like a game or isn't as enjoyable as playing a game.

3746d ago
PimpHandStrong3746d ago

holding out hope that XNA will be good with XBL limits


btw POG

PS3 owneres are already sharing games! You can share almost anything you buy on PSN 5 times!

Closing3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Have fun paying for your primitive crappy flash games that you could get for free for ages on PC PoG. Even If I get another 360 for Gears 2 I wouldn't be dumb enough to waste my money on that xna trash. Hell I don't even waste my time playing them for free on the PC. How can you even compare that trash to LBP? Ridiculous.

TheMART3746d ago

Gotta disagree there on LBP Power of Green.

That game is good and I would love to see it on the 360. Heck I would even almost buy a PS3 for it together with God of War III if the Dual Shock 3 controller would be in the PS3 package, it would come in white, priced at 300 bucks and a HD cable in package with Home not further delayed.

Mr BlueScreen3746d ago

I have worked with XNA and you have to pay $100 to activate it and you have to learn C# code along with Visual basic! You also have to be a XBL subscriber.
Good luck with XNA. Moron.

The Wood3746d ago

right on cue AND disagreeing with ******* or pog, whichever you prefer

an n4g 1st

3746d ago
proArchy3746d ago

Sony announced a little thing called the Phyre Engine. Its a free, fully functional game engine built specifically to develop for PS3. Not only that it also supports Havok, and Insomniac's free Nocturnal tools. If someone has skills, credibility, and a well realized concept they can contact Sony and receive this. Complete a game, and submit it to PSN, and - pending approval - it will find shelf space in the PsStore. The thing is, this is already available, just not to every random kid who thinks they can make a game. Sony just wants to make sure that when your game comes out it will be worth putting up on the store, and not on the level of some of the trash XNA has produced so far.

Yipee Bog3746d ago

power of green, I forgot why I had you ignored, thanks for reminding me

The Lazy One3745d ago

You don't have to "pay big". you get 70% of the sales, and you have to pay $50 for free advertising and hosting of your game to a >10million person customer base. You will not find a deal like that through any publisher.

NOTE: not saying anything about LBP with that. The creation tools won't hold that game back. If anything it'll be the gameplay.

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VsAssassin3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

I believe letting the public be creative is a good way to market one's product. Take UT3 for example. Why would I play a game that has mod restrictions if the PC and the PS3 version don't? I guess MS is really in it for the profit.

AAACE53746d ago

All companies are in it for the profit! But Sony is still making money off Ps2 sales, so they can somewhat afford to take risk!

MS has windows, which is so-so. They have Zune which is making a minimal impact. And then the Xbox 360 which can hit or miss. So they aren't really in a position to do such things!

Transformer3746d ago

LoL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at the pic of Sackboy.

castags3746d ago

They should make the bumper stickers like calvin pissing on stuff but with sackboy pissing on Bill, the xbox, and vista.

Transformer3746d ago

This is one advantage for the PS3 but all consoles have advantages and disadvantages.
I like Wii's ones the best though. (sarcasm)

Chubear3746d ago

Now you're going to see alot of NA editorial reveiwers dogg on LBP and plaster it with 7s & 8s when we know this thing is practically the MGS4 of the Platforming genre.

AngryXbot3746d ago

LBP is NOW AND FOREVER a PS3 exclusive game. Published by Sony and developed by a SECOND party developer.

It will never go to the competitors systems.

And its PS3 exclusive. Not fake exclusive like 360 games where the game is soon ported to the PC but 100% FULL EXCLUSIVE.

Viktor E...bubbles for you man! haha.

AngryTypingGuy3746d ago

Very true, Transformer. I wish MS would change their policy on this.

But LBP embarrassing Xbox Live? After see MGS4's sales figures especially, I don't think it's possible for any PS3 game to embarrass MS at this current time :-D. Sorry, but it ain't happening.

Eiffel3746d ago

LMAO 2 stars on your YTMND, you fail at YTMND's Viktor E.

Homicide3746d ago

ROFLMFAO! Xbots in damage control.

abcdog10003746d ago

Like the spore creature creator only with sackboy. it should cost 5$

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