Wii Fit topples Soulcalibur IV in UK chart writes: "Wii Fit has retaken the top spot in the UK software sales chart for the week ended August 9, knocking Soulcalibur IV down to second place, according to data from Chart-Track.

Mario Kart Wii held onto its spot at number three followed by a resurgent Big Beach Sports jumping up a place from last week to number four. Wii Play was up two places to five and Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock up five places to number six.

WALL-E fell to ninth place, down from fourth last week, and Dr Kawashima's Brain Training fell one place to close the chart at number ten."

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PumPum3719d ago

Big Mac sold more than Barbie last month!!

JPC3719d ago

pervert that read that as 'topless' the first time through?

Product3719d ago

man the legs on wiifit and mario kart are crazy.

PirateThom3719d ago

What a crappy list of games...

BrotherNick3718d ago

HAHA, owned courtesy of the Casual Army.