16 Famous Faces Stunningly Recreated in Fallout 4

Check out Jared Leto's Joker!

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Sureshot1240d ago

Why is Shrek black? He's Sco-ish!

starrman19851240d ago

Wait, Scottish people can't be black?

Nivekki1240d ago

Scottish people can be black, but Shrek is green. This is kinda racist against green skinned people.

Quite frankly, I'm shocked, appalled, offended, etc, etc..

Sureshot1239d ago

sure a black person can have scottish citizenship but genetically black people are of african decent.

_-EDMIX-_1239d ago

All modern humans are of African decent....

1239d ago
_-EDMIX-_1239d ago


Again...all modern humans are from Africa. Technically speaking, the raise of modern humanity came from 1 Continent.

generic-user-name1239d ago

Great argument, everyone is black.


_-EDMIX-_1238d ago

...I mean if you guys are so slow that you don't know that all modern homo-sapiens came from 1 continent, I have no clue what to tell you.

Again....all modern humans ie Homo sapiens arose from the continent of Africa. To be as ignorant to think that "black" means African is actually quite funny, if you keep going back, all modern mankind comes from that very same continent, matters not were they go after the fact, the reality is, modern man came from 1 continent. Africa.

Egypt is at the top of Africa....yet on the same continent they exist yet don't look um "black" more so as they do Arabic, yet they occupy a PART OF AFRICA! They are 3rd most populated people of that continent..

Yet you would not say they look "African" despite them occupying said continent for thousands of years.

I think many of you need to start questioning what you "think" a people look like as it seems many keep trying to add a region or continent and as the place a race of people only exist in when in the grand scheme of things, ALL MANKIND comes from 1 location.

@Generic- not sure why you think, African means black when many people of all shades actually populate Africa and have for thousands of years.

I mean...neither here have yet to properly depute that all modern mankind came from 1 continent. Even that very same continent many of you keep ignorantly assuming means just black, are disregarding the Arab, Asian, and other ethnicity occupy Africa and have for thousands of years.

Arabic is actually the MOST dominant language in Africa. I again...legit suggest many actually REALLY read up on Africa before assuming all of it is um "black" as the people of Egypt might want to have a word with you.

Pretty sure all of modern mankind originated from that spot bud.

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Sitdown1239d ago

Umm, that is not necessarily black there.

waltyftm1240d ago

The Beavis one made me chuckle, and the Putin one is quality.

DarkOcelet1240d ago

That Putin one made me burst out laughing. Its well done.

UKmilitia1239d ago

amazing the putin one
but so is the beckham,butthead too.

ajax171240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

my thoughts exactly. I can't believe how accurate the Putin one is

MasterCornholio1239d ago

Butthead in a dress.


-Ikon-1240d ago

most are shit but the beavis and butt head one was lol worthy

DarkOcelet1240d ago

I thought Putin was great and Taylor Swift looks scary good.

Pintheshadows1239d ago

I think Con Air Nicholas Cage is good as well.

joab7771239d ago

Harley quin and joker are pretty good too.

raggy-rocket1240d ago

The Keanu reeves one looks more like Russell Brand

sullynathan1240d ago

These textures look awful.

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