Why common sense tells us to avoid Rainbow Six Siege: Yet, I can’t pass this one up - VGFirst

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"At its finest, Rainbow Six Siege offers a brutally visceral, tactical experience that’s absolutely unrivaled on current generation hardware. The thoughtful class based design, coupled with the intense, moment to moment gunfights creates an experience that’s absolutely unrivaled in what it offers. Comparisons between Siege and games like Destiny or Call of Duty feel akin to those between Kinect Four, and Chess. Siege offers a brilliantly strategic platform where communication and intelligence are rewarded above all else, the definitive ‘thinking man’s shooter’ of this generation.

Unfortunately then, it’s with considerable dismay that Siege is impossible to recommend as a launch day purchase. "

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Allsystemgamer1052d ago

It's not rainbow 6. There's no story. There's no team rainbow with fleshed out histories. It's just a CS wanna be. It's way worse than CS.

The game is boring. Should have kept patriots going.

TLG19911052d ago

The sad thing is when this flops, which im sure it will, it will probably be the last we see of the rainbow franchise. Which is terrible.

Allsystemgamer1052d ago (Edited 1052d ago )

I know. UBI has been ruining so much lately. The game would have sold millions as an actual r6 game but they're too stupid to see that.

Imagine this gameplay with an actual story. Planning different route through different scenarios. Freaking Tactical teams don't go around blasting holes in every goddamn wall they see.

TLG19911052d ago

What makes it even worse is how long have they been working on it (im including the time since patriots was announced) and in all the time they have made a few multiplayer maps and turned into a small team generic FPS.

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Natversion11052d ago

Counterstrike has no story, crates you have to buy and it's always the same thing on 1 or 2 maps. Rush A on Dust 2 Rush B on Dust 2.
Sorry but that game is way way more overrated than any other fps.

Allsystemgamer1052d ago (Edited 1052d ago )

Sorry but there is something called a server selection. Don't want to play dust then don't. It's that simple.

This game isn't rainbow 6 and the fan base knows it. They're trying to sell it to the CS crowd and it isn't going to work.

That and CS is only $15.


This is $60 and exactly the same!

solar1052d ago

As an old CS player who doesnt care to play enough to get back to being a good player, ill take the over the top Siege. CS truly is the best tactical game out their, but ill take this Siege garbage for $15, probably no more.

cooksauce1052d ago

It's not the same. Last time I checked, CS did not have different "operators" to choose from. CS is outdated. At least R6 is trying something.

Allsystemgamer1052d ago


Yea wow adding characters that are literally faces for preset load outs. That's really "trying something"

It plays like counter strike with destructible walls. Whoopty doo. It plays like a $15 outdated game. It's bland and uninspired. The only thing remotely close to being rainbow 6 is dying quickly and peaking around corners.

You don't get enough time to plan anything. You get 1 minute to mark where things are. There's no map to pull up. No single player with planning and execution of said plan. No AI to command. No "open flash and clear on Zulu". No selecting a team for the job ala the originals. Hell even Vegas was more r6 than this crap.

Every match I played just ended in "which room are they in this time" and shooting through the walls.

"Oh but its strategic!"

Blow that wall open and shoot everything inside. That's all the game comes down to on every single level.

Even the graphics are bland.

Patriots looked great and this is what they come up with after 5 years. Give me a break. $60 ($90 CAD) for a Rip off of a game that costs $15 that allows modding.

ZombieKiller1052d ago

@Natversion1- Call of Duty says hi.

Valenka1052d ago

When I played the beta for RS Siege, I wasn't really impressed. I had a good time for awhile until boredom struck, but that stemmed primarily from the fact that everything I was seeing, I'd seen before...numerous times. It's generic, uninspired and unfortunate; it doesn't feel like Rainbow Six at all and that's because the developers fell off their path while trying to compete with Call of Duty and Battlefield. It's a terrible shame; Rainbow Six never had to compete with anything in the past because it was on its own, exclusive playing field. I can almost guarantee the only people who will be playing the game when it launches are the COD and Battlefield players who want something "new."

solar1052d ago

UBI knows the new way to gouge the idiotic consumer, and that is online only. we have seen the system work over and over again. it works for max dollars.

it sucks and this is what happens when an industry goes mainstream. the mighty dollar rules all, not the game.

I know developers want to make the game in their vision, but their vision isnt paying the bills.

Allsystemgamer1052d ago

It's more like counter strike than anything else. Literally CS with destruction. It's copying a $15 game with the R6 name to sell it with a price tag of $60. What the actual F***?

Ra30301052d ago

I've played the beta and I had fun with it and I'd like to get it but I'll wait and see how it sales. It'll need to move enough units to hold the community for a while. I don't think it has much if any single player component so it's pretty much always online, multiplayer so this being a huge hit may be a tall order. I always enjoyed the Rainbow games I hope this does well but time will tell.

DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO1052d ago (Edited 1052d ago )

I decided to buy it. It is flawed but fun. Few gripes. There will be a community im sure. I loved bf4 but the community on psn dropped. Dont want anothe cod, and i desperately need a new fps. Im in,,fuck it. Its nice to acully talk to your squad about the situation at hand instead of a racist a biget a whiny brat a arrogant asshole a frustrated person that doesnt understand its just a video game, rap music blasting through someones mic, getting burned on, a lil kid cussing you and so on and so on._._._.._yall get what im sayin

Allsystemgamer1052d ago

Considering the r6 community is blasting it for not being rainbow 6 and the CS crew (their obvious target audience) thinks it's a cheap over priced rip off I doubt it will last long online.

They're using the r6 name to sell a counter strike wanna does that make any sense? Who are they trying to make this game for? Not us r6 fans that's for sure.

Yes. I'm salty. Very salty. Think of the amazing scenarios that could have come to be with this game but NOPE. Tiny ass houses with walls to blow open and short rounds mp only.

Slow clap Ubisoft. Slow clap.