FragFX Demos at Leipzig

SplitFish AG have announced that it will be showing off its award-winning FragFX controller at Games Convention August 20-24th, 2008 at the Leipziger Messe exhibition halls in Leipzig, Germany. Some of Europe's best First-Person Shooter gamers will be on hand at the booth offering tips and demonstrations of top PLAYSTATION3 games.

Splitfish recently announced a partnership with LIVING PICTURE AG that would allow Splitfish access to...

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Rob0g0rilla3810d ago

"SplitFish game team members later substantiated the FragFX superior performance abilities by gaining the #1 spot in the global leaderboards of the popular PLAYSTATION3 game Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare."

I should check this out.

n4gzz3810d ago

good with cod 4. With any other, it doesn't work properly.

Skadoosh3810d ago

Not a big fan of these controllers. They make aiming to easy. Huge advantage over a player with the controller. It should go to the player with skill and not controller.

TOSgamer3810d ago

It was suppose to come out along with the wired version a year ago. But still haven't seen it.

venum3809d ago

the controler is not bad, but the quality is not there. the button are not enough sensitive. otherwise it's efficient when you play fps. Some website show how to adjust and enhance the button sensivity.

Greeny19723809d ago

I was considering ordering one of these from until I saw the customer reviews on them.

Revvin3809d ago

Yeah I just went to too and saw a number of 1 out of 5 star reviews with a lot of people complaining about the quality, creaking plastic etc. This looked like an interesting alternative to the joypad but I think I'll sit it out until they come up with version 2 wit better quality and preferably Bluetooth connectivity.

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