Rumor: Ace Combat 7 Might Be Announced With a Trailer at PlayStation Experience

A while ago, Ace Combat Producer Kazutoki Kono mentioned in an interview that a current generation Ace Combat game was being considered, and we might finally see the results at PlayStation Experience.

Some eagle-eyed Japanese fans datamined the files of the latest update of Ace Combat Infinity and discovered references to a very interesting event revealing the announcement of Ace Combat 7.

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DarkOcelet1146d ago

Ace Combat in VR would be sick as hell.

Make it happen!

sinjonezp1146d ago

VR would be great but I would love to see an ace combat like the days of old. More like ace combat 5 the unsung war or similar to the free release infinity that came on PS3. With the power of the ps4 and the story driven ability of the older titles, we could see a true return to form ace combat. Add VR support and give us a great story and over the top action, im sold.

Ezz_Snake1146d ago

Yes, Ace Combat + VR + 2 Move Controllers
and you will become into the war

breakpad1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

Ace 7 great ..i hope to be grounded with real world jets (as the previous one) ...but with a lot less ridiculous plot (not again bad russian nationalists and other dumb fk holywood ideas)

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1146d ago

I would love that! Been waiting forever for a new "real" Ace Combat title.

meatnormous1146d ago

It better be a real ace combat! That Assault horizon was terrible!

Summons751146d ago

As long as there is a non-VR option on the game I completely agree.

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Rookie_Monster1146d ago

Can't wait to see this reveal next weekend at PSX live myself if indeed true. Hopefully a playable demo will be there. One now my favorite Namco series.

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Mikefizzled1146d ago

I'd be surprised to see Ace go exclusive, but I wouldn't be surprised if Sony threw some weight behind the publishing and developing of it. Ace is one of the few games I thought would fit VR perfectly since it became big news.

Rookie_Monster1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

the last game, Ace Combat Infinity, was also exclusive to the PS3 so wouldn't surprise me one bit if this is PS4 exclusive.

Mikefizzled1146d ago

Bandai Namco made a few (Tekken Revolution, SoulCalibur Lost Sword and Ace Combat Infinity) F2P titles exclusive to PS3 because of Microsofts bizarre approach to F2P games. Also, F2P is a fairly lucrative business model in Japan, unlike Microsoft, so they didn't bother trying.

Bandai Namco is bringing One Piece to XONE. I doubt, without Sony intervening, that Ace will be PS4 exclusive.

NatureOfLogic_1146d ago

If It's at PSX it's most likely PS4 exclusive.

meatnormous1146d ago

Ace Combat 6 was exclusive to the 360. I just bought it used with the hopes of it being BC on the xbone someday.

Spotie1146d ago

Haven't quite a few games in the series been exclusive before?

Why would you be surprised?

Particularly with the PS4 doing as well as it is, I don't see why any mutiplat game going exclusive would be a surprise right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.