GameSpy: Madden NFL 09 Review

GameSpy writes: "There's something magical in the air. It's time for dreaming of fourth quarter comebacks, last second touchdowns and endzone celebrations. It's time for cheerleaders and tailgate parties, for fantasy leagues and cheering on the home team. It's time for the 2008 NFL season, and naturally, it's also time for the latest Madden football game from EA Sports.

With the signing of Brett Favre as the cover athlete on this 20th anniversary edition of the storied John Madden Football franchise, this was supposed to be the year where the infamous Madden Curse was finally broken. Instead, Favre came out of retirement, was embroiled in an awkward media battle with Green Bay management, and was subsequently traded to none other than the New York Jets. Now you have Madden NFL 09, where the cover athlete is in the wrong uniform and playing for the wrong team. The curse has struck again, and this time it's apparently going after EA instead of an athlete's knees."

+Great visuals
+32-player online leagues
+Highly adaptable AI

-Not a giant leap forward for the franchise
-Numerous AI bugs

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