Sony PlayStation 4 1TB Ultimate Edition Review: How It Was Meant To Be

Buying the first PlayStation 4 or Xbox One was always going to be a gamble. It was the absolute first in what will surely be a long family lineage of smaller, faster and lighter variants as both Sony and Microsoft drop the cost and keep you hooked.

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DashArrivals2072d ago

First thing I did when I bought my launch PS4, was put a 1tb SSHD in there. Load times for me have been totally fine. It honestly makes a difference. I never understood how people were complaining about load times. I honestly have never been bothered at all by them. I'm currently in fallout 4 and no more than 10 seconds tops for loads. Bloodbourne was fine for me as well.

ThyMasterDebater2071d ago

I did the same thing on day 1. Took out the factory HDD and slapped in a 1TB SSHD. Installed the firmware from USB and have never had issues since. Highly recommend SSHD's.

Majin-vegeta2072d ago

Does anyone know when Oovoo is suppose to come to PS4?

Yui_Suzumiya2071d ago

I checked and they said it's coming soon. That was at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

PS4XBOXONEPC2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

after about the first year i put a 2tb hd in mine,and as of right now i have less then 450gb's left. I hope down the road PlayStation releases a patch for external hd support

PizzaSteve2071d ago

Why not delete the stuff you don't play anymore?

madmonkey012071d ago

thats what i do, my 500gb is still plenty and i have had ps4 since launch

Channel-Live2071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

PizzaSteve-You shouldn't have to. That's just you making an accuse for a terrible decision. You should be able to have external HDD access if need be because I am sure Sony knew all games have to install due to optical drives. For them to think 500GB was sufficient would be insane. If I feel like playing GTA next year that means I have to reinstall and that's unacceptable.

MadMonkey-Just because you had it at launch doesn't mean anything. It just means you don't buyy many games. Anyone that buys a lot of games can tell you it fills up after about 12 games especially digital. The avg. digital title is around 25-30GB. You system isn't 500GB out the box to begin with. It's around 395GB after internal software is installed.

madmonkey012071d ago

@ ABove, i buy loads of games, i just delete them when i am done with them, then if i ever want to play them again i just reinstall them, they take less than a minute for most games so its not an issue. look at my profle pic, over 300 games


delete a game so i can re download it again along with all patches and dlc?? smh

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smashman982071d ago

I also have a 2 terabyte hdd and I gotta ask how in the hell? I own 30 physical games and every digital PS plus title and I still have space how have you done this lol. I also own a few digital games I've bought on my own


i own over 60 ps4 games plus a bunch from psn,i'm a big time gamer

rainzor2071d ago

My PS4's fan is so damn loud. I'm thinking about getting this

JasonBloodbourne2071d ago

Have you tried cleaning out the air vents around the ps4 mate? That's what I had to do cos mine was like an aeroplane but now it's quiet as a mouse.