1-Up reviews Madden 09

EA surprised us by naming a (supposedly) retired player -- Brett Favre -- to the cover of Madden NFL 09. Favre surprised EA by unretiring...and his politician-rivaling flip-flop antics have surprised just about everyone else.

While the Favre situation got ugly, the same can't be said about the game he's representing. The mud-caked Slop Bowls, bustling sidelines, and significantly varied player physiques mean that Madden 09's finally lived up to EA's next-gen target video from three years ago that -- for three years -- looked way better than the games themselves.

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DraconWolfX3722d ago

Wow, you mean it took EA 3 years to get it right? Talk about taking your sweet time...That's pretty terrible that it would take any developer 3 years to get something like this right. Just goes to show EA doesn't care about the games they create. They know Madden will sell millions regardless of how good it is so why even bother trying to make the game perfect?

Tapewurm3722d ago

I grabbed the PS3 version last night and have to say it lives up to the review. I passed on last years version and am glad I waited. I do agree however that it should have been this good in 07 and 08.......3 years is a long time.

Funky Town_TX3722d ago

most games take 3 years to develop. I bet Kojima could not make a great MGS every year.

mistertwoturbo3722d ago

@1.2 yes it does. A pretty solid 60fps too.

EA is finally getting their numb skulls around the PS3 hardware.

You see, people don't expect EA to pull out some Killzone 2 graphics or nothing. But they have to at least make it run solid and stable especially for a sports game.

thereapersson3722d ago

Thanks, TwoTurbo! Maybe i'll give this year's version a shot, knowing that EA actually tried to make both versions similar.

I only played Madden on the 360 last year, and while it looked good on my TV, the overall game wasn't very satisfying. I'll see if they managed to pull a 180!

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thereapersson3722d ago

Last year's version was a joke, muddled in fanboy bullsh1t and overall lackluster showing. Hopefully this year's version can make up for '08's mediocre performance.

I love video games3722d ago

why does every body hate madden so much? true, it doesnt change much from year to year but they do push out one EVERY year and in my opinion they are all fun except for 07 which was a joke

mistertwoturbo3722d ago

Well, people hate it because they feel they're just paying $65 for a yearly update.

I'm sure most folks would love to just have one madden title every two years or more instead. And 2009 so far seems to be the best of the bunch that actually satisfy their needs. Something refreshing in the control scheme, an actual current-gen graphics update, and tons of new features.

Sitdown3722d ago

is simply because they got the exclusive NFL and NFLPA contract.....a lot of people feel that Madden has not made and major changes or improvements since it last had competition from NFL2K5. I try to get into Madden, but I can not get into the running felt more responsive in the 2K series.


This is the Madden we have all been waiting for.
I got the PS3 version yesterday and everything has been improved.

The online was SMOOOOOTH as silk. I was using a bluetooth headset and the chat was coming clear without any breakups or static. Like I was on the phone or something.

If you were waiting for the right time to get Madden, NOW is the time.

The only thing I found weird is that I could not figure out how to change the control settings. I think we all have to learn to play the NEW way. ...Oh well, gotta go and do some work so I can get home and play.

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