David Cage ‘Never’ Considered a TV or Movie Adaptation While Writing his Stories

Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls director David Cage has said that the idea of doing a TV or movie adaptation for a video game is “never something I have in mind [when] writing my stories.”

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OhMyGandhi1237d ago

I know I am going to get flak for this, but David Cage and Hideo Kojima really need to look into exactly why they chose games as their method of expression. Both carved careers out of incredibly cinematic experiences, but they both have an eye for filmic looks and storytelling, why not go all in?

dreamoner1237d ago

@RustedMan I'll take the heat, rest easy.

He should leave the game biz but he wouldn't wanna cos he wouldn't seem as important in movie biz as he's in game biz atm.

This dude, telltale, life is strange dev etc, all should leave the game industry or call their cinematic - serious lack of player agency - creations "interactive storytellers" or something, not "games", tis an insult.

Repjaws1237d ago

No its not an insult,there are enough blowy uppy games out there for you to play,variety isn't a problem +its not like there are a million of these games.

Two-Face1237d ago

They are not good enough for the movie industry, that is why they make videogames. Easy.

Lord-Nicon1237d ago

hmm that's weird considering that his games are basically movies....

Roccetarius1237d ago

He must've considered it when developing them, because it seems quite similar.

Me-Time1237d ago

Well, Cage went ahead and was able to hire Hollywood actors in Juno and the Green Goblin lmao. I can't believe an article had Willem Dafoe pegged as an actor from Spider-Man. They could have used Mr. Bean's Holiday :D

Anyway, David Cage must have thought about making movies at some point in the last decade. I thought Indigo Prophecy from 2005 was his first game; Omikron: The Nomad Soul is his first game, actually. Don't know much about it.

Maybe not all-out, but to some extent, he must have thought about making movies. Seems highly unlikely it didn't cross his mind.

darx1237d ago

Who cares his interactive moives/shows suck.