Best Buy is Basically Giving Away an Xbox One Today – If You Want a 4K TV

With Black Friday having come and gone, the sales aren’t over yet. What can you do if you missed out on the Black Friday sale? Get to Best Buy.

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Bigpappy2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Really nice deal. But I already have both a Samsung 55 inch 4K High Definition curve TV and the X1. I could have saved a lot of money.

Off topic: What am I supposed to do with all of these bubbles? I have no desire to start a trolling career.

crazychris41242031d ago

Hell of a deal if you're looking for a 4k TV and current gen console. I already have the Forza Xbox and I'm holding out for the OLED 4k TVs (which look even better than led 4k) to come down to earth so I'm gonna pass on it.

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ABizzel12030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

Exactly what I'm waiting for, before upgrading to 4K. Need 60" 4K OLED, at around $1,000 - $1,500. I'm fine waiting 3 - 5 more years, because by then PS5 / XB4 will be ready to launch (although I assume they'll be aiming for 2880x1620p rather than 4k aka 3840x2160), 4K content will be much more widely available, 4K PC gaming will be completely mainstream, and OLED will make the image significantly better.

AudioEppa2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

If someone doesn't mind, buy me the tv and they can keep the Xbox.

Deal? :)

Yo I just noticed I have extra bubbles lol why?

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Ipunchbabiesforfun2030d ago

my brother bought that TV on black friday (55" 1080P LED) for $498 so I don't see this as much of a's still nearly $850...he could go get the xbox one for $299 lol

OldGuyStillGaming2030d ago

Not the1080p tv
I just went to Best Buy to look at the tv and it's really nice..I'm thinking about going back to get it

Ipunchbabiesforfun2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

Okay. Well the article AND the deal include the 1080P TV with an xbox one so quit acting like my comment is out of context. It's STILL not a great deal.

81BX2030d ago

Its not out of context. Its just a wrong comparison, thats all :)

Ipunchbabiesforfun2030d ago

Amazon, Wal mart, everyone has that TV for $797, it's a manufacturers coupon and the xbox one is $ essentially you're getting no deal and Best Buy is acting like you are. Just buy it off Amazon for $797 tax free unless you want to pay the extra like $80 for it.

Bzone242030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

$1097.99 + tax for the same at Amazon. Not every state has tax free amazon anymore. Mine doesn't.

$999.98 + tax for the deal at Best Buy. It is a deal for some regardless of if you want it to be.

dreadz742030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

Lies walmart has for $1047 the 55 inch,50 inch is the $797 you falsely claim.Second amazon has it for $997. So for $999 the tv is on sale and you effectivly get a free XB1 nice try to downplay this a good deal and Xb1 is really free. The tv is a SUHD Samsung which is a quantum dot screen(billions of colours) and does HDR has a HDMI 2.0 HDCP 2.2 port so ready for 4k bluray hdr . Even if you don't want a XB1 the tv is a great deal and you could gift or sell someone the XB1#truth
Best buy

deathtok2030d ago

I definitely WANT a 4K TV but will Best Buy actually give me an Xbox One just for wanting?

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