Is the leaked Fable 2 achievement list genuine?

Console Monster looks into all avenues regarding the leaked Fable 2 achievements. Are they real, or are they fake?

"When I first laid eyes on the image, I immediately checked the GamerTags (YumYumDonuts and X Dark Seraph X) and couldn't find any record of either. The person who leaked the list - Dark Seraph - claims the user YumYumDonuts used a debug console, a console that developers send content to for the owner to use, test and trial pre-release game code. They are normally owned by top gaming websites (though surprisingly we don't have one) and with using such a console YumYumDonuts managed to get hold of the source code for Fable 2, more than two months before its release. Dark Seraph has yet to confirm how the source code was obtained so early."

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permutated3746d ago

Ugly, ugly icons if true.

Highwayman3743d ago

Well considering that Lionhead posted a blog in which they did not confirm nor deny, I think it safe to say that Parts of the list are in fact true, but others not. I hope that the icons are fake...those are well...ugly.