PlayTV: £69.99, Next Month

Sony's PlayTV, the cool digital TV receiver and recorder (using the PS3's hard drive) is due out next month in UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany, and will be priced at the bargain price of £69.99.

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chasuk083723d ago

Theres no way people are going to buy this as most people like me have digital built into their tvs

heavymetal3k3724d ago

hopefully they will eventually get this out in the US.

moveteam3724d ago

Probably next year, when US get their own digital signal.

But Scandinavia (Sweden and Denmark at least) isn't getting the PlayTV either, all though DVB-T has been available for years.

masterg3724d ago


But if you want to use the DVB-T in Scandinavia it's easy to get in Germany or Britan.

In Denmark it's not much fun. We only have 3 DVB-T Channels.
Sony needs to make a DVB-C tuner for PlayTV.

moveteam3724d ago

@masterg: Yeaah Denmark actually has 4 free channels right now, but this is going to change next year, there are gonna be about 10 (probably/hopefully more) free + 30 commericial channels from Boxer. AAAND Danes are able to pick up the the German and Swedish signals.

But am I just buying it from (:

forcefullpower3724d ago

So Where can i pre order one if these tuners from???

kharma453724d ago

Argos, Amazon, all have them for pre-order.

Dream Machine3724d ago

SO OK, can someone elaborate for me. With this I won't need a separate freeview box and I'll be able to record DRM free television?

silvacrest3724d ago

as long as you have the correct cable and aerial
(the recommended cable is the CT100 or WF100 and the aerial must be the one on top of your house)

MaximusPrime3724d ago

im getting this for £59.99 from Amazon uk.

I've preordered ages ago

Ronnie073724d ago

How've you managed that they havent even got a price up yet?

MaximusPrime3724d ago

they posted it on amazon about couple of months ago with that price.

I've preordered and then they took it off. The didnt sent me an email about cancellation. I checked my account and i still have it preordered.

I bet the price will go up to £69.99 but im guaranteed £59.99

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The story is too old to be commented.