Just Cause 3 Load Times and Frame Rate on PS4 Are Bloody Awful

This isn't the good news we wanted to write about Just Cause 3, but it's what we feel compelled to share: Just Cause 3's loading times are awful, and the game's frame rate is no better.


Update on platform impressions:
"Unfortunately we’ve not been able to lay hands on the Xbox One version of Just Cause 3, but it’s likely the same issues are prevalent on Microsoft’s console, too."

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Sonyslave31148d ago

-___- so basically it Mad Max all over again how the weaker xbox one had the better performance while all the crazy explosion and stuff going.

chrish19901148d ago

Seems that way... Shame really. Decent enough game otherwise, but way too much motion blur for my liking.

Ashlen1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

You said in your article you hadn't even played the xbox version so how can you make that comment?

I've always been against review embargoes. I'm beginning to understand why it's needed.

chrish19901148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Sorry should have clarified that: I've heard from a mate that it's not bad on Xbox, but as I can't tell just going off what one friend says, it's more fitting to say it "seems" that way rather than go all out and say "yeah, xbox is deffo better"

Ashlen1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Whatever you say, nice cover up. You're full of it.

chrish19901148d ago

Why ask for an answer only to immediately refuse it? What is there to cover up? You might want to check your tin foil hat mate, because you're seeing "cover ups" where there aren't any...

DARKKENT1148d ago

Ps4 and Xbox one are underpowered for what is needed this gen..if everybody is honest with themselves

Shame really but guess cost was the deciding factor when building these consoles

Ashlen1148d ago

Because your answer was a load of BS. You wrote a trashy article to get clicks for your site and got caught up in your own words.

G20WLY1148d ago

I don't understand. Yesterday I watched the Access team on YouTube plat the first hour on PS4.

It was the FIRST TIME the game has been shown running on PS4 and it looked great.

I'll wait for Digital Foundry for information on how a game performs on a given system rather than listing to some crappy attention seeking website.

johndoe112111148d ago

Sorry, "I heard from a mate" is a poor and lazy excuse. There are many xbox supporters who swear on their mothers graves that BLOPS 3 and Fallout 4 run better on xbox even though all professional tests show otherwise. That's why your excuse comes off as unprofessional and deceptive and you're getting all those disagrees. Don't take "a mate's" word for it, check it yourself.

guyman1148d ago

What lousy Journalism.

Crimzon1148d ago

Sucks to see that the game runs so poorly but yeah, this isn't surprising at all when you look at the last PS4/XB1 game that these guys released. Given that they use the same engine, it's not at all unreasonable to put two and two together to reach a logical conclusion as to what's going on.

Shame really, but I think that DARKKENT hit the nail on the head. I'm certainly at the point now where I'm using my PS4 solely for the console exclusives, and getting what games that I can on PC instead. Seems to be the best way to go really, and it's nice to have the added security of knowing that all my games will still work when I buy brand new hardware.

freshslicepizza1148d ago

do they even have patches before the game is released? anyways this game even if it runs crappy on the ps4 will get more patches. same thing with the pc version.

omegaheat1148d ago

Man, these guys really go in defense mode when there's negative news about the PS4.

PFFT1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )


Cause they do i know this for a fact. And if you had both the PS4 and XB1 versions of those titles you'd know about it as well first hand. Rather than placing your faith on so called "professional tests" done by biased groups. ANYWAYS to the matters at hand, the PS4 isnt the only one with bad frames the XB1 also suffers from them.

alvgamin4lif1148d ago

With or without the day one updates? Nowadays day one updates are like the backbone of of AAA games (there are exceptions where a game runs fine without the day one updates).

1148d ago
Ezz20131148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

"I heard from a mate"

This is amazing Journalism ...1000/10 JOTY
Would read again....DF should be ashamed of themself now.

ChronoJoe1148d ago

To be fair, if he did 'hear from a mate' that person was probably inside the industry, but you should also note, that he didn't allow those subjective feelings to creep into the article submitted here. I think it seems like a fair assessment of the games performance from someone who had no intention to be biased in either direction.

Either way, I was happy with Mad Max's performance, and I do not care about the loading times. It's an open world game so loading times should be long, but they should also be infrequent, so it's no bother. I'm still excited for this game.

Spotie1148d ago


So, pffft, we should take YOUR word over that of a site that's professional because they're biased for showing the more powerful, more dev friendly console to have the better version of games, even though they showed the 360 versions to be better most of last gen?

Sounds legit.

CuddlyREDRUM1148d ago

Journalism - You Are Doing It Wrong

babadivad1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )


That's so true about these consoles. Last gen they were ground breaking, at least at the beginning. 360 was the first GPU to have unified shaders. And the PS3 had the controversial but obviously powerful CELL processor. When I heard the specs of the new consoles, I was like "I really hope these leaks are a lie". Both of them have 2 year old LAPTOP gpus. They were coupled with super weak and slow laptop CPUs as well. And that was at the time of launch. I hope this gen is a lot shorter than last. Because they didn't start with the technical head start new consoles usually have. They started out WAY behind the technological curve. Not sure if this will get down voted or not but it doesn't make it any less true.

kenwonobi1147d ago

So you two just pulled that out of things air when it clearly says no Xbox version played yet. Likely same issues.

Ra30301147d ago

I also have a friend that got a early copy of JC3 and he played the one Xbox One copy. He says the game freezes during load screens and when it does load it takes forever. He also says the frame rate bottoms out with lots happening on screen he says it would be a good game if they can fix the issues with a patch but if they can't or don't he says this game will struggle to sell when gamers discover how broken it is. He said it's by far the worst (broken) new game he's played on Xbox One. The good news for him he didn't pay for the game he runs a local gaming shop and they run a demo kiosk for pretty much all disk based games for the 3 consoles and he and a couple of his employees get first crack at the games before their release date and before they get put in the demo kiosk. He's said they won't run Just Cause 3 in the kiosk for X1 or PS4 its that broken and they won't recommend it to their custermers though he feels they will patch it and fix the load times and maybe not fix the frame rate drops but make them more stable.

Killzoner991147d ago

"You heard from a mate?" I have never seen such abysmal journalism in all my life. You come in here trashing the PS4 when you haven't even played the Xbone version? Hmm, I wonder what kind of fanboy you are? Now you get called out on it and you're back peddling. Just leave. I heard from a mate that you should quit game journalism and never type another word.

Crimzon1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

There are more articles and technical analyses of both console versions of the game appearing now and it looks like the author of this article was 100% correct, because the game is a technical mess.

A lot of the toxic fanboys in this comment section owe the author of this article an apology.

Wallstreet371143d ago

Dont you feel silly now about all that you said when Ps4 is clearly on top and load times across consoles are alike lol FPS is even better on PS4.

Smh the trolling is incredible. Now you feel like a ...

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Majin-vegeta1148d ago

Pls enlighten where it says the Xbone version is better in the article?.

jmac531148d ago

He "heard from his mate", which is my kind of journalism.

UserNameIsNotTaken1148d ago

Yeah m8. His m8 is BEST SOURCE!

1148d ago
boing11148d ago

Weird. I didn't notice any performance issues in Mad Max on PS4. Really enjoyed it.

InMyOpinion1148d ago

It's way better than it's made out to be. One of the better looking open world games this gen, and tons of fun to boot! Love it.

NCAzrael1147d ago

I was going to say the same thing. There were some frame rate drops here and there, but nothing that makes the game unplayable. Not sure what people expect when they are running 3+ year old hardware in a locked down system. It does what it needs to, but neither console can perform miracles.

showtimefolks1148d ago

Avalanche have been EXTREMELY slow patching up mad max so I am gonna wait before issues are fixed

Why can't more developers be like cd project red and at least communicate with their fanbase much better

GTgamer1148d ago

So a guy writes a article shows no proof to his claims and we all get riled up even tho they are countless vids of the game on the PS4 and the game looked fine so imma wait for official confirmation of these issue's.

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ChronoJoe1148d ago

Wasn't really that different on Mad Max though, and honestly I wouldn't say the game performed that poorly overall. We'll have to see how this really is in some framerate analysis. I'm not going to be playing it if it's frequently dipping below 20, because I feel that will completely kill the action.

Gearsofwar_xbox1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

thats because Sony pushing Devs to have 1080p and they wanted ps4 version games have better res but they don't care about game performance

CuddlyREDRUM1148d ago

Thanks for the reply, Sony.

BallsEye1148d ago

It's not that xbox one is weaker in every way. Both consoles have their strengths and weaknesses. PS4 weakness is alpha effects and anisotropic filtering. Xbox one weakness is resolution.

ShottyGibs1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

95% of my game purchases have been PC this Gen. The consoles don't have the wow factor they did last Gen.
I'm tired of this new bare minimum 30fps standard

mEATgrinder1148d ago

4 the gamers right? PS4 is now underdog

The_BlackHeart__1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

You know the developers are hiding the XB1 version because it is probably in worse conditions right?

meche3341147d ago

@The_BlackHeart__ Not based off of what i read.

iTechHeads1148d ago

It's more likely the XB1 version performs even worse on Xbox One than it does on the PS4. It's Fallout 4 all over again.

PistolsAtDawn1147d ago

Except DF had to redo their review of the game after they found out they were wrong..they and another site (I forgot the name) both ended up saying the X1 version WAS I'm not sure what you are trying to say. There are plenty of games that perform better on X1. Unity, Syndicate, FO4, Mad Max, COD, Witcher 3 (the latest patch makes PS4 version 2-3 fps better in certain areas)...and others. I'm not really sure what point you're trying to make, but you actually ended up saying he's right.

dantesparda1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )


Mad Max on the X1 doesnt run better/have a better framerate than the PS4 version. They are basically the same.

1148d ago
kenshiro1001148d ago

Wow, so hearsay is news now?

Journalism at it's best ladies and gentleman.

FlameBaitGod1148d ago

Is "thegamescabin" synonym to lousy? Cant believe this got approved.

Chris just stay in the cabin and never come out please.

MoveTheGlow1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Leftovers from the console wars of old aside, it's a real shame that Avalanche couldn't take a look at the game they were building and realize that optimization should take a huge priority over screenshots. JC3 has you moving really quickly through combining the grapple and the wingsuit, over a vivid, detailed set of islands with quite a bit of height to them. That motion at 60fps is brilliant. At 30 it's less so, and with drops every time there's action (in JC action usually involves stuff blowing up) it's even worse.

Check out Giant Bomb's Quick Look of this - they're running it on a beastly PC at a solid 60, and it's so nice to see it in action. I don't care what visual hits it would have to take on consoles, it should be optimized for that kind of fluidity first.

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Tech51148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Well the minimum system requirements is a HD 7870, which is 2.560 Tflops. ps4 is 1.84 Tflops. minimum requirements - http://store.steampowered.c...

Sureshot1148d ago

I think we've already reached the point where both consoles and being stretched to the limit. we all saw this coming. Even the "far superior" ps4 is a (now) low to mid-range PC by comparison to the new gen gfx cards, ram, cpu etc.

DarkOcelet1148d ago

For its asking price. I think the PS4 is pretty good and also it have and will have some neat exclusives.

Mega241148d ago

That's what a tablet CPU and a weak gpu will get yah. I don't really understand why they made the decision to use the weak a$$ hardware they chose.

gapecanpie1148d ago

its not even mid range just low....

Seafort1148d ago


I do. Developers asked for more RAM so they got that but that came at a price of less power in CPU/GPUs.

If they'd added more RAM and better CPU/GPU combo people would have to pay much more than what they have done.

Probably around the £5-600 ($7-800) range for a new console with the upgraded components.

Would console gamers be will to pay that price for a proper "next gen" console? I think not.

Germany71148d ago

At least we can play Arkham Knight.

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yewles11148d ago

Ironic considering PS4's GPU is a tuned down 7870 at 800MHz downclocked and 2 CU's turned off for yield.

BLizardXD1148d ago

it'll be able to do the minimum once it reaches a stock 7870's 2.560 tflops.

frostypants1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Well, that's why you scale stuff back. Also, a game that REQUIRES a 7870 to play on PC has something wrong with it. That is ridiculous for a minimum spec at this point.

Eidolon1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Can't compare the two FLOP for FLOP, consoles have a bit more freedom during development, CPU/GPU are more intertwined and the architectures are more designed.. it's just going to take some API improvements and experience passed on.

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Rookie_Monster1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Very unfortunate to hear about frame rate issue for the PS4 version. Hopefully there is a day one patch for it. Looking forward to the PC version, should be fun.

Unreal011148d ago ShowReplies(4)
DashArrivals1148d ago

You're going to take this pathetic journalist's word for it? SMH

UKBULLET1148d ago

Sad news did the guy download the patch?... Glad I brought this for Xbox now.

TheHunter811148d ago

You brought it? Where did you bring it to?

killer_goat1148d ago

Why are you glad that you got the xbone version? For all you know it could be worse.

PFFT1148d ago

Its the same not worse.